How to counter the big challenge of freelancing fraudsters?

Be Aware Freelance SEO content Writers in India

Common phenomenon which every professional freelance writer encounters in the world of content creation is the monopoly of content seeker parties. Freelance writers in the verge of seeking genuine clients often fall prey to the malicious parties. Many content seekers showcase their sincerity while dealing with SEO content writers. They present themselves as organization/group hiring unsuspecting freelance writers but start duping them once projects complete.

Freelance SEO content writer India
Freelance SEO content writer India

Indian freelance writers with diverse skills in niche areas of google and search engine friendly content to keyword rich articles look for the platforms where they won’t be deceived. Their disappointments come once they begin search for genuine and reputed freelance content writing platforms for work from the potential clients.

Unsuspecting writers with this assurance of not being cheated at least from such platforms approach individual domestic and international parties and often come in the trap of fraudsters. Freelance SEO content writers in India must therefore take precautionary measures in choosing potential parties to work for.

Don’t go for anybody and everybody just because you are assured for good rates as a freelancer. Ever since India emerged as a hub of SEO contents to other categories of content needs for worldwide markets, several frauds have been witnessed. Unsuspecting writers are commonly deceived.

The writers willing to write for parties from the worldwide locations must do cross verification prior to taking the assignments. None of the parties might have seen each other while working from far off locations. The bonding for professional relation develops on trust you make for each other during various channels of communications. You must develop a mechanism of strict rules as a freelance writer and stick to that. A content seeker party should discuss and agree to your terms before assigning work.

Do groundwork before selecting content seeker parties. Discuss with them what are your liberties and limitations as an Indian content writer. Don’t believe in all and sundry. Make sure that you are dealing with a genuine party. You should follow certain rules and regulations to avoid deceptions.

  • As a freelance writer you must discuss your payment methods
  • Ask for certain percentage of advance payments to crosscheck client integrity
  • Check from freelance writing platforms what the parties have been ranked
  • Read reviews of previously hired clients to make your own judgment
  • Look for verified parties to ensure you approach suitable party
  • Do best possible background research

It can be a big risk for freelance SEO content writers to approach right parties to work with. You should be aware of every single aspect with extra care to find genuine parties. It is in your prerequisite to assess the reliability of a client you approach. Share your conditions as much as you are told about Groups requiring an output from you. Ultimately you are seeking required funds for works you do.

Timely payments boost a writer’s morale. Do whatever you can to win trust of a Group as a writer like you are told to project your sincerity. You equally have right to cross verify sincerity of a content seeker. A creative writer must therefore focus on approaching genuine parties for a lucrative freelancing career.

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