What is the Importance of High Quality Content in SEO?

High Quality Content in SEO

Nowadays, there is no dearth of writers as everyone claims to be a writer and starts writing contents for the websites. Resultantly, most such stuffs are neither readable nor thoroughly researched. High-quality and well researched content should be a key aspect of every SEO content strategy. If someone does not pay attention to such elements, then loosing clients and get devalued in the market is ascertained.

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There are some points which every writer must keep in mind while writing. Contents should have best readability besides possessing attributes such as informative and entertaining factors to inspire every potential reader.

Always remember that nicely structured well written content determines your website success. Keep the following aspects under consideration to achieve success in it.

Convey messages clearly: Whatever the motive is, if you write high quality and well researched content, people will come to your page to read that. You will be able to convey your message to the masses effectively. On the other hand, poor quality content will demoralize you in front of your competitors.

Reduce bounce rate: It is obvious that if someone reads your page and understands the conveyed message, he/she will stay on the page. Chances are high that readers will shop your product or service whatever is available.

Improve your ranking: High quality content improves ranking as search engines, including Google, give value to high quality and well researched content. Professionally written fresh texts have lower bounce rates and there are higher chances to get the social media attention.

Converts visitors into customers: If someone reads and understands a conveyed message, then there is a greater chance he/she will convert into customer. The quality of text makes you branded among the existing as well as potential customers. Remember first impression is always the last impression.

Get social media attention: Well-written high quality posts are more likely to be shared on the social media platforms hence talked by countless people. To get a post to be shared or become viral on social media, you first have to convince your readers to read the piece itself. On the other hand, readers won’t share the poorly written posts on their social media channels.

If you are looking for high quality, well researched and copyscape free contents, blogs, articles or press releases, there are a number of companies in India, including SEO Content India which you should approach. They create pages as per the requirement and deliver contents on time for your timely use.

It is a proven fact that SEO friendly pages are always sought after. They are ranked easily and thus they become accessible to everyone. If you have tight budget, then go for bargains to avail discounted rates. Indian companies offer discount to retain potential customers and to reach up to new ones.

Things to Check before Hiring a Freelance Medical Content Writer in India

Freelance Medical Writer

Are you heading a Pharmacy Company or own a Hospital/Clinic/Research Center? You will obviously need medical content pages on regular intervals to maintain your online presence. It is here that you will desperately look for the professional freelance medical writers who bring that lasting impact you seek. While searching online you will be flooded with countless freelancers who claim to offer such services. Before hiring any of them you must ensure you have done thorough checking of at least following things to deal with the genuine parties.

Here is a list of specific factors you can keep in consideration before hiring a freelance medical writer:

Choose Indian Freelancers: Indian freelancers are popular all over the world for them being genuine and assured high quality, well researched and medically approved pages. Most medical freelancers are pharmacists, doctors and PhD students to provide scholastic work. Furthermore, Indian freelancers are reliable and does not put burden in your pocket.

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Rely on Qualified Writers: Medical field is vast and therefore it requires qualified professionals. A genuine writer will definitely write medically correct and informative pieces. In India, you can approach writers who have track record of creating pages as technically qualified experienced professionals. Most of them have years of experience in this domain.

Review Previous Works: Before hiring a freelancer, you must look at the previous works of a specific writer you approach. Their previous works give you ample idea about content quality and writer’s skill. In addition, you can also check for plagiarism.

Fix the Price: The charges of freelancers usually differ from one individual to the other. It is advised to fix the price before you initiate a project. You can bargain to certain limit but do not compromise with the quality of work.

Set Deadlines: Once you are agreed with the terms and conditions of a freelancer, you should fix the deadline so that you concentrate on rest things. Get the writer ready to work on your deadlines.

Look for Round the Clock Services: You should get associated with a freelancer who is ready to offer you services round the clock. You may contact a person anytime and every time from anywhere in the world.

Freelance medical writers at SEO Content India will definitely help you in this journey. It has trained doctors and pharmacists on board who write medically correct information. We are not only reasonable for everyone but also updated with the current Google updates.  Our writers create SEO friendly pages, which get place in the Search Engines with ease.

How to Write SEO Content in 2016?

SEO Content 2016

Half a decade is enough to bring huge transformation in the online business. As you are writing SEO content in 2016 it is mandatory to discuss its values in the current context besides looking back into Google’s powerful assessment of 2011 which had proclaimed then that content would remain a prime factor to rank algorithm. It makes us rethink now to write contents which are capable to seek the attention of all and sundry.

Writing SEO Contents in the Changing Scenario

Scenarios have changed drastically in almost all sectors in the last few years. We see the aftereffects of resurgence in websites operations as well. With repeated accents of Google, and especially after 2012, changed rules and implementation have been thoroughly witnessed.

Ignoring warnings, which Panda had set, had already proved big slap for websites since then. We had direct effect in conceptual and ethical changes in writing contents in just few years. The suggested updates were in the context of exclusive search engine needs for the contents to be customized for algorithm. By 2014, we had already witnessed more than 500 algorithm changes that brought new renaissance.

Is writing content in 2016 big challenge?

SEO Content Writing 2016

Undoubtedly content is a major player in 2016 as well which we can’t ignore. There is no challenge to write content this year too except by keeping in view specific needs of the year. Websites would be hollow in the absence of quality content. Focus on following aspects while you write content this year which is winding up the sooner.

  • 2016 saw tremendous developments in social networking so your content must customize for that need to go viral
  • Always highlight the important points pertaining to this year
  • Use appropriate keywords and don’t stuff them unnecessarily
  • Write appealing contents to seek readers’ attention on all social media platforms
  • Add appropriate videos and images as content supplements
  • Maintain consistency in writing contents to suit to social media platforms
  • Differentiate pages for main and supplementary contents
  • Maintain appropriate length of content to develop reader interest

It goes without saying that the core ethics of writing content hasn’t changed in 2016. You don’t need to change the pattern too much. The need is to ensure that you have incorporated changes that fit the bill in current context of big transformations in the global eCommerce scene.

Many things have redefined online world now so you must focus on all such factors while writing SEO contents for websites.

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You are definitely not going against the tide and also have a gradual gain in desired popularity. Maintain proper content length to develop & retain reader interest.

Quality mattered in the past, leaves charismatic impact today and will remain a prime focus in the future as well.

Always focus on quality by offering a naturally appealing SEO content writing services to your readers. The current year also demands website contents for search engines. Your work should also appeal to potential loyal readers and augur them to observe particular website.

Your focus should be on presenting evergreen SEO content presented with both Internal and External Links. It will attract maximum readers.

Today is the age of smartphones. Your content must be compatible for it as mobile friendly written stuffs.

How to Create SEO and Search Engine Friendly Content That Drives Organic Traffic

Drive Organic Traffic

The saying goes on that “Content in King” but to me it is beyond that general kingship perception.

What do you think of contents—blogs, articles, press releases and numerous other written stuffs? This is what most of you define a content, though it is more than what is often been perceived.

First and foremost, you must know content in broader sense. It is not only a written stuff as presumed by many. It can be anything in the form of videos, images, audios, info graphics and much more.

Do the following if you are keen to get maximum organic traffic into your site  

Start Writing Blogs: Blogging has been considered as one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to websites. You should keep in consideration SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tricks while writing the blogs. It always helps your website to rank high in search engines.

Start Writing

Some benefits of blogging include:

  • Improve rankings
  • Educating potential plus existing customers
  • Develop relationships with new or retained audience
  • Helping you to stand ahead in the online market
  • Establish your business as an industry leader
  • Connect your brand with a potential clientele base

Share Your Content: Writing content pages or creating the videos are easy affairs nowadays. They won’t yield effective outcome if fail to reach to target audience. Use various social media platforms to share your contents. Here are some of the popular and effective social media channels to share your stuff:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus

Share your content

Focus on Keywords: I always emphasize that writing content pages won’t prove effective to showcase remarkable presence if lacks in research and not a keyword friendly content. Keep keywords into consideration while writing contents. Make sure that you don’t spoil your content by stuffing keywords for the sake of keywords.

Focus on Keyword

Many keyword planners are available in the search engines. You may search and start using them to take your decision on your specific keywords.

Create Quality Backlinks: Don’t forget that quality backlinks always work. Apart from link juice, you must give links to popular and known websites in order to authenticate your page.

Create Backlinks

Some ways to get quality backlinks for your blog/website:

  • Article Marketing
  • Social Networking Site Profile
  • Press Releases
  • Link Exchanges
  • Document Sharing

Research Your Audience

an important aspect on which every content marketer from all nook and corner of the world agree is that content marketing strategy can succeed or fail on the basis of connection with targeted audience. It is therefore mandatory that you do best audience research before sharing contents.

Research Audience

Before sharing your content, find out:

  • Who your audience are
  • What gets them excited
  • What they want from your content

Maintain Quality As Well As Quantity

Always produce quality contents besides planning a content bank with enriched list well in advance. Follow a system to ascertain that there is no compromise with the content quality. Equally is important maintaining quantity of contents produced. Balancing quality and quantity of contents under specific calendar from creation to publishing them would definitely pave the way for a resurgence.

Maintain Quality

Creative and Persuasive Content

While creating content, you must keep in mind how to invite others to act on what is being conveyed. With likes, shares and rest forms of promotion by others you can witness fast increase in your brand awareness.

The calls to action include:

  • Signing up for the email newsletter
  • Sharing content on the social media
  • Inquiring directly about the products
  • Commenting on contents posted
  • Leaving feedback as individual assessments

Write Attractive Titles, Sub-titles and Headings

First impression is the last impression. The first thing which people see is heading, sub heading and titles amongst others. If they are attractive and catchy then undoubtedly your readers start exploring more.

Be Visual

Nothing catches attention of readers more than a compelling and unique supporting image. A picture is worth thousands of words. Don’t share an irrelevant image. Always select compelling and eye catching images to seek reader attention. Researchers argue that visual content always performs exceptionally well.


Use Your Common Sense and be Updated

Search engine prefers genuine and fresh contents. Try your level best to share contents from the authentic sources. Be genuine to search engines. If you try to do some SEO activity to improve ranking, be genuine and maintain quality. Never ever pretend that you are working for SEO.

Be realistic, be a pathfinder.