10 Effective Ways to Manage Negative Social Media Comments

Undoubtedly, Social Media has become one of the powerful advertising & brand building tools for the companies and entrepreneurs in current digital era. It plays pivotal role to support the corporations through helping them to connect, engage and establish trust with current as well as prospective clients. Thus, social media remains a powerful force to increase brand awareness while websites get optimum traffic to ultimately boost up the revenue.

William Shakespeare had rightly said in 1623 that “All’s Well That Ends Well.” The fact remains here that nothing is completely perfect and there is ample scope for improvement. Likewise, in a case of individual or corporate house you can’t make everybody happy in this universe so you should be ready to listen to the critical remarks from Social Media platforms as much as you expect eulogizes from all and sundry.

Connecting and engaging with the clients or fans is a great way to establish trust and loyalty. Should you also remain well prepared for negative comments on your social media pages as well?

Although, every case is different, here is a list of the ten effective ways to handle the negative social media feedbacks:

1. Respond with a proper solution:

Respond with a proper solution

You should respond to your unsatisfied customer in no time with a proper solution. Conversation between a customer and an organization on the Social Media is the epitome of transparency. Take additional care and offer proper communication to them. It is bound to leave an impression that you have nothing to hide and you care all.

2. Acknowledge your mistakes:

Acknowledge your mistakes

Customers are well aware of this fact that no one is perfect in this world, so instead of hiding the mistakes, you should rather acknowledge them to let that particular unsatisfied customer entrust a renewed faith on you. Once you acknowledge your mistakes, the consumer would stop blaming your company for such issues. Thereafter, you can help one find suitable solution.

3. Start conversations offline:

Start conversations offline

Online conversations are in public eye and might prompt others to join in, so it is always better to start offline conversations. Direct offline communication not only prevents the situations from escalating but also calms the person down.

4. Don’t delete unless absolutely necessary:

Don’t delete unless absolutely necessary

Deleting negative comments will present a negative impression of your company. By giving proper solution you will set an example and show other viewers that your company always cares and takes the complaints seriously.




5. Do not lose your temper:

Do not lose your temper

Before replying to a negative comment, you have enough time to plan your response. Reply only after understanding a problem and getting proper solution of that issue being raised. You can use Google alerts to track the negative comments. Don’t ever take the comments personally – even though they might be – and respond with a level head.

6. Reply from a writer:

Reply from a writer

Your response should not have grammatical or factual errors so it is best to get a reply written from any professional social media content writer. Apart from command over the language, he/she understands the Social Media paradigm.

7. Resolve it—even if it costs you:

Resolve it—even if it costs you

Sometimes, it is a wise idea to resolve clients’ issues even if it costs you. Negative reviews can highlight your weaknesses in front of the potential and existing customers. Whatever price you have to pay, it is a great idea to present your company among the potential customers that your business values people.

8. Take a screenshot:

Take a screenshot

Take screenshots of negative messages in order to use them as an evidence or document in the future. Apart from future training, screenshots can also be used as a proof for the legal matters, if any.

9. Don’t entertain the social media trolls:

Don’t entertain the social media trolls

It is a proven fact that some people just want to cause troubles. So, don’t let negative biased messages spread. Handle them with 100% genuineness. Since social media is a highly visible and public forum, it can prevent potential customers hence maintaining transparency is a must.

10. Offer an incentive:

Offer an incentive

If a consumer is not satisfied with your explanation, you can try offering a business service or a discount to calm the situation. And, it most probably will convert that particular complainer into a satisfied customer.

Most companies or entrepreneurs use social media for brand building purposes. But, in a meanwhile, they should also be prepared to deal with the unhappy customers on regular basis. A negative message viral on the Social Media can mar your online reputation hence try to offer them solution- even if it costs you- to convert them into good and long-term advocates for your brand.

You can hire a professional social media enthusiast at SEO Content India to manage your all such social media activities. He/she will create contextual Social Media Pages and update them in compliance with your company’s content policies.

4 thoughts on “10 Effective Ways to Manage Negative Social Media Comments

  1. Wow, I love the article. I agree with you that as businessmen we should not ignore the negative comments, but to handle them appropriately. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi lykakamau,

      In this digital era, commenting has become easy. Unsatisfied customers or consumers can mar your online reputation if you are not ready with a proper strategy to handle negative social media comments.

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  2. Hi lykakamau and SEO Content India team.

    Undoubtedly, an unsatisfied customer teach you much about the merits, demerits and if there are any follies. The need is to show patience and take the negative comments in positive terms and get the issues resolved. The moment an unsatisfied customer feels that you are indeed caring one even though the person had criticized knowingly or unknowingly, a newfound care develops, and thus one becomes a loyal client to retain. Many applauds for such remarkable ideas.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Asif,

      Yes, agreed. Apart from mention effective ways to manage negative social media comments, you can search more to get.

      Everyone has to be prepared with ideas to deal unpleasant situation.

      Liked by 1 person

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