How to Write an Effective Content in 2017

The past year 2016 has gone and we have welcomed 2017 with newer resolutions. Instead of thinking about the past, it’s high time you plan about your content creation strategies in the current year. What goals do you have for the next 12 months and what type of content you are willing to create to publish and thus get noticed? Was your content strategy successful in 2016? Simply writing content does not suffice to fulfill your requirements.

Suitable answers to many such questions would greatly help you create contents which prospective readers admire and love to read. In addition, you can use the following tips while creating contents to make 2017 a better year than the previous one for your brand promotion.

Increase length of your blog post

Increase blog length

An ideal blog must have more than 1500 words. By long-form content, it means posts which have a total of 1500 words or more to increase your chances of getting maximum traffic thus easy conversion of visitors into customers.

Neil Patel outlined in one of his latest posts that Google’s trend towards long-form writing. He emphasized that long-form content was more likely to be linked to from another site, and it was more likely to take the top spot in the search results.

Longer blog posts not only tend to rank higher in Google search engine results pages, or SERPs, but also lend credibility to your brand. You have taken your precious time to share the detailed information, so you might inspire more customer engagement and loyalty.

Start writing derivative content

Derivative Content

It is a fact that every marketer struggles with producing enough engaging and SEO optimized content to fuel an aggressive content plan. Developing derivative contentderivative content pieces would help the content marketers to accomplish this goal. And do so without putting a major strain on their marketing budget.

Share Your Content

share your content

It is complete wastage of time and resources on a content piece unless other people find it and read. With the growing demand of social media channels, sharing your content has become just as important as writing it. You should also incorporate social share buttons on every piece of content you publish.

Don’t forget to share your content in all social media channels. Once shared, it is also important to join conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. Answer your readers’ questions elaborately so that they get your point of view, offer extra commentary, and let consumers know you care about their opinions.

Start a new blog category


It is obvious that your blog starts looking dull if you write on the same topics again and again. Does your blog feel a little stale? If your answer is yes, then a simple solution for you is start a new category. Find a type of content you haven’t covered before and make it your focus for 2017 to improve contents to seek attention.

Add new writers in your team to create something fresh and valuable. Adding new members are always a welcome step as it brings fresh minds and creativity. Refresh your content to attract new prospects and to keep current readers glued to the page.

Research well before writing

Research before writing

Writing content is not effective and yield you results until content is easily accessible to the readers and they get your conveyed point as well. Research well and place correct information after rechecking the source. If you provide wrong information, your brand’s image will go down faster among the customers.

Answer potential questions through your content which customer may have in their minds. Well researched, customer-centric and engaging content not only help your website get ranked, but also assists you in increasing your sales by converting potential customers into existing customers.


There is no question that high quality, well researched and emphasizing content over quantity content will yield better performance over the time. While maintaining length of your content, it is always better for you to try to give as much information as possible. Additionally, it is not a huge burden to implement processes to ensure that you are able to continually deliver customer oriented content to improve your content’s performance.

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