Important Tips to Consider While Writing Content

With the fast development of Internet marketing industry, demand of content writing has increased to the greater extent. High-quality and persuasive content writing plays pivotal role for the success of the marketing strategies to lead generation for the small, medium and large companies. In addition, a research conducted by Content Marketing Institute reveals that 93 percent of the B2B organizations relied on content marketing for their brand building and the demand generation purposes.

Contents are written for websites in the form of blogs and press releases et al. While creating contents, you need to maintain quality in order to achieve your organizational goals. High quality, fresh and well researched content pages drive search engine results, improve traffic to your page and thus establishes your company as an industry leader.

Although there are many tips which you need to keep in mind while developing content pages, our experts have enlisted here 5 important ones, which are vital to achieve the goals.

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Create SEO Optimized Content: Before you start writing contents, you must research about current SEO (search engine optimization) and its algorithms. If your pages find place in the search engines, then the chances of getting fresh traffic increases manifold. So, focus on writing SEO optimized drafts.

Write a Head-turning Headline: While writing headlines, you need to research a lot as headlines decide whether the audiences would read the rest text or not. Headlines must spark personal interests, stir an emotion and/or augur readers to read in order to achieve the desired results with your content. So, create catchy and enticing headlines.

Maintain Keyword Density: Maintaining keyword density is also important for achieving search engine results. In a case where you fail to maintain the proper keyword density, your website will downgrade in the search engines. The keyword density you need to maintain is 3%, which means writing the search term thrice in 100 words.

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Write the Vital Information First: Writing vital information first helps you engage the readers throughout the end. You have to understand the writing formats. For instance, blog writing is completely different from the website content writing. But, your ultimate goal is to increase search engine ranking, provide answers to the readers and to augur them to fill in the query form.

Write Short and Pointed Content: Writing short and to the point content will help you engage the readers and go through to the drafts from start to end. There is nothing better than writing a brief, to-the-point content which is filled with information. Easy to read contents are also adored by the general readers.

Final Say

Before writing drafts, you need to take some time to research on the topic and to find an answer why you are wiring a particular page. Apart from giving answer to the potential questions, you should write informative and well researched pages. Search engine friendly pages get ranked easily on the search engines. They must be updated with the latest SEO tricks and tips for maximum reputation and being noticed by all and sundry.

Search Engine Pushes Up Content & Blog Sites

Companies as well as individuals introduce websites to educate their existing as well as potential clients and consumers. Whatever you sell, whether a product or a service, you need search engine rankings in order to get the potential customers.

Search engine optimized contents are always considered as one of the most important elements of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Such contents play vital role to determine it who finds your website and what information stage they take away once they have landed there. Apart from increasing traffic, it also plays vital role to boost up your conversion rate.

Importance of Content Rich & Blog Sites

content rich sites

When digital marketing experts talk about the promotion of a business or its products or services on the Internet, they always recommend adding blogs and to create rich contents on their online marketing strategies.

A Company Blog is Beneficial in Many Ways, including:

  • Improve Your Website’s SEO
  • Boost up Traffic to Your Website via Inbound Links
  • Enforce Your Brand as an Expert in Your Niche

Content-rich websites enjoy a unique advantage when it comes to SEO. The websites can easily be moved to the top of Google search rankings with the right optimization. In fact, such a website requires a unique and professional approach that includes strong attention to onsite SEO, effectual automation and fast indexation by search engines.

Google crawler crawls content rich pages easily and thus your website improves search engine ranking. Despite the changes in SEO strategies with time, creating a content-rich website is always be one of the best ways to ensure SEO boost up.

content rich sites and blogs

As per timesofindia digital marketers have been spotting that the search engine pushes up content & blog sites up the search results list. It is no longer the keywords that get the site on top, but well-packaged content that relates to netizen’s searches.

Now the time has come to incorporate blogs on your website and keep updating that for effective result. While updating blogs, you must try to provide the internal links and outbound links to get most out of the link building benefits. It not only helps drive traffic to your website, but also assists crawler to crawl your website which you intended. With the fresh content, your chances of ranking improvement increase.

Once you start getting traffic coming to your website through your blog, you get an opportunity to convert that traffic into leads through providing informative and engaging contents. So, while getting your contents are written, try to hire professional and qualified writers only. If you find SEO content writer, then it is an icing on the cake for you. Incorporate blog on your website and get it updated on a daily basis to ensure search engine rankings.

How Content Curation Espouses Benefit for Firms?

Content curation is an act to discover, accumulate and present larger volume of contents which surround to a specific subject matter. The entire process can include sifting, sorting, arranging, and placing the searched contents on certain themes, and then publishing them thereafter.

Unlike content creation, content curation doesn’t generate contents. Instead, it is a process to collect contents from variety of sources to deliver them in an organized fashion. Obviously, content curators won’t create new contents but they play crucial role as responsible persons to discover, compile and share existing contents with your online readers to help you remain connected with them through different but unique strategies.

Content Curation

Difference Between Content Marketing and Content Curation

It is mandatory to know the difference between these two terms. You create fresh and engaging content in Content Marketing for which do ample research to ensure quality contents are distributed to all and sundry. The story is though entirely different in Content Curation in which you are not required to create fresh contents. You have this flexibility to use other’s contents by giving personal touch to them to retain the reader attention.

Through content curation, you are in a position to source great quality contents that pertain to your niche/industry. And, you share that with your followers by keeping their interests into consideration. Although you don’t require the involvement of your resources in it, it is extensively useful. Remember that if you simply do a copy & paste then can’t avail the benefits of content curation. Always add something unique as your inputs in curated contents from customizing headlines and bodies in the content links to further enhance appeal.

Benefits of Content Curation for the Firms

According to a recent study by curate , leading digital marketing agencies use 65% created while 25% curated contents to ascertain their content marketing success. Take a look at the below points to find out notable benefits of content curation, and to observe how it can help the marketers overcome some of their greatest challenges.

Increases Knowledge Base

One of the major benefits of content curation is that it increases knowledge base of community members as well as company managers. Since online marketing landscape is changing constantly, you must remain updated with latest happenings of the industry in order to stay on the top. When sharing others’ contents, you can give personal touch to them through adding something from your mind. It eases for you to maintain the reader attention.

Establishes Credibility & Authenticity

Sharing useful content from genuine sources lets you position your organization as a reliable information source. While sharing contents though, you must ensure that they have causal relation with the industry you are in, and you are ascertained that they offer something unique to your followers. Apart from establishing credibility amongst the readers, well-curated contents equally make you authentic.

Gives Relevant Information

Content curation is more about sharing helpful information than writing by yourself. This method is beneficial for those running short of time to write fresh contents but still seek for their followers to receive latest updates regularly. Through this medium, you share contents with the followers what they actually seek, even if that one is not directly from you.

Boost Up Brand Awareness

Although, you don’t share your own content in content curation, it helps to boost up your brand awareness. The method is not new. Most brands often use it to boost up brand awareness campaigns. And, by sharing others’ contents you ultimately show your audiences that you are committed to them. You provide them best contents no matter they were written by you or someone else. Who wouldn’t respect such approach? It definitely improves your brand image.

Final Say

With time, content curation is bound to popularize and appeal masses. Apart from the above mentioned benefits, it also helps to improve your sales. It educates the potential markets while supplementing original content creation. There’s no denying of fact that curated contents are game-changers in online industry today. Last but not the least, the advice we can give while concluding this article is that you should craft your marketing strategies around the curated contents as well so that your content marketing strategies become more visible and effective to the best.

SEO Benefits of Outbound Links

Have you ever thought about the importance of outbound links? Do such links prove helpful in the SEO strategies?

A study by Search Engine Journal confirms that outbound links have greater value for SEO. There are several ways of generating links for the websites. And, they remain greatly helpful for SEO but at the same juncture you must consider employing an outbound link strategy to ensure blogs are never ever devalued at any stage.

What is Outbound Link?

Outbound links

An outbound link is a link which is meant to take you to some other domains from your site. Such links take you to another specific webpages or websites altogether. When you link out to the related domains of your niche, it not only helps the search engines to understand your niche but also improves trust and authenticity of your own site and thus it plays vital role in your blog’s SEO.

Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Link Building

An inbound link (also referred to as a back link) is a hyperlink on a third-party web page which points to a web page on your site. On the other hand, outbound link is a link meant to take you elsewhere as well. Both link building strategies are extremely helpful to improve the search engine rankings.

SEO Benefits of Outbound Links

Improves Site Authority

By linking out to relevant and trustworthy sites, your website would be considered valuable and helpful to their searchers. Search engines start considering it genuine source of information. Apart from improving rankings, it is also useful to your visitors in getting vital information. While linking out, you need to keep in mind that you link out to the high quality and reputed sites.

Boost Up Search Engine Ranking

While linking out, you need to keep in mind that the website must have indexed pages and good domain authority as well. Linking out to trustworthy websites would surely increase your search engine ranking.

Improves Chances of Social Sharing

When writers or a blog owners notice that you have linked to them, the chances are high that hopefully they like, comment and share the content in which they have been mentioned. Such social signals could be seen as a positive factor in the search ranking relevance. On the other hand, you are boosting up your organization’s reach in various social media networks.

Reader Satisfaction

While you link out to a genuine source, the reader develops one more sense of satisfaction after reading the information. In such situations, your readers authenticate your site and thus love to visit again and again for your additional popularity.


Linking out is a great way to earn your reputation among the readers and to improve a site’s ranking. When linking out, you need to focus on several things, including anchor text. Try to Link to articles which have got high number of social media share. What is more, link to blogs or guest posts having good page authority or domain authority.