Importance of Social Bookmarking Activities in SEO

Social Bookmarking Strategies for SEO

Before going inside whether social bookmarking is helpful for SEO boost or not, you must understand what is social bookmarking. Why organizations look for such activities. Social bookmarking is defined as a shareable bookmarking service that allows websites to be bookmarked on the Web.

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Social Bookmarking is the practice of saving bookmarked Web pages to a public website as a way to share the links with other Internet users.

Importance of social bookmarking in SEO

Importance of Social Bookmarking in SEO

The web pages that are bookmarked at social bookmarking sites are considered to be of a quality backlink in the eyes of search engines. High quality backlinks are needed to improve page rank, domain authority and ranking of website. Once you improve ranking, you will boost traffic to your website through organic traffic. Therefore, web masters keep social bookmarking activities in their to-do lists.

Engage people with social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites are helpful for improving ranking and traffic of a website. But you should know that the sites are not only to be published your articles. They are not helpful if you are failed to engage your potential customers. Keep three tips in mind when you want to get most out of your social bookmarking activities.

#1. Engage your potential clients

You must engage your potential customers so that they click to your posts and land them in your website. You need to discover an audience for your content or people in a vertical market whose audience intersects with yours. Increased traffic also improves ranking of a website.

#2. Involve your audience

You can ask questions to your potential customers or coax then to ask questions. Let your target audience reply and you should read the reply and add your points as well. Once you engage people, you will get traffic to your website.

#3. Be informative, not promotional

You can share relevant information through your social bookmarking sites. If you are informative, your potential clients will search and engage. Being promotional is not always good.

Should one use social bookmarking for SEO?

Now, it has been confirmed that social bookmarking sites generate traffic, Builds brand and improves SEO. Apart from a cost effective option, it does not require much time. If done properly with the help of professionals, using social bookmarking sites as part of your online marketing campaign will be beneficial.

Cons of social bookmarking activities

There are many cons of social book marking strategies, which we need to keep in mind. Apart from increasing bounce rate, we may create links from low quality bookmark sites. According to SEJ, the more low-quality, non-relevant links you generate, the more red flags you’ll be waving for Penguin to come waddling in.

Final verdict

Social bookmarking sites are helpful for improving ranking and SEO, but make sure that you must put in a lot of effort into it and have to plan strategies properly so that the post in the social bookmarking websites generates the interest of your target audience and thereby brings traffic to your site. Make sure you research carefully before using social bookmarking sites, or else you may end up ruining your ranking.

Social media optimization services help you promote your brand in the online market. Apart from ensuring credibility, it helps you generate leads for your organizations.

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