Most Common Technical SEO Issues Hamper your Organic Ranking

Technical SEO Issures

Creating a website is one of the easiest tasks. All you need to do is hire a company and elaborate your requirements; the company will create a website according to your requirements. Mere having a website is not enough, the website should rank organically so that it generates traffic and you can convert the traffic into paying customers.
To rank your website, you should rely on current SEO strategies. But you won’t be able to rank a website if it has technical issues. So, try to find out the technical issues of your website and fix them.

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Find here some technical issues of a website

Duplicate content

According to SEMrush, 50% of indexed web pages face duplicate content issues. So, you should check your website and resolve the issue. Find out the duplicate content from your website and write fresh so that Google notices it. Duplicate contents can badly affect your organic ranking.

Duplicate content can be defined as a piece of content which appears in more than one location on the Internet.

Duplicate or missing meta description 

duplicate meta description
Image Credit: Wordstream

A study by SEMrush reveals that 30% of websites have duplicate meta descriptions and 25% of websites have no meta descriptions at all. So, you should check the each page of your website and confirm that your website has appropriate meta descriptions.

Meta description checklist

  • Insert keywords
  • Write legible, readable copy
  • Maintain the length
  • Consider using rich snippets
  • Write fresh description

Inappropriate title tag 

Your title tags or page title helps both users and search engine crawlers to determine what your page is all about. They make search engine crawlers to crawl a website and help in improving ranking of a website.

Title tags can have a number of issues that can affect your organic ranking, including:

  • Duplicate title tags
  • Missing title tags
  • Too long or too short title tags

Broken internal and external links

Internal linking and external linking help a website improve ranking of a website. Broken internal links will increase your websites’ bounce rate and down the organic traffic.

Similar to internal links, you don’t want external links lead your traffic to an error page. A lack of working backlinks will reduce the number of your pages that appear in search engines.

Low Word Count

According to SEM rush, Eighteen percent of the websites have a low word count on some pages. Search Engine Journal writes that Google considers articles with under 300 words to be “thin content.” And, as far as the search engine giant is concerned, thin content has an absence of value.

So, explore your website and find out pages with thin content. Add some more information and make the pages scannable. Long form content helps you engage your readers and improve ranking of your website. Your website content should be engaging to engage your readers.

Not Using HTTPS

If you are still using HTTP, then it is a high time to use HTTPS. Google prefers secure websites to rank. Apart from safety of your data, secured websites rank easily.

Missing Alt Tags

Images without alt tags are most of the times overlooked by search engines, so you must consider image optimization.

Without alternative texts and text descriptions, they simply don’t know which category to put them in. Therefore, it has become important to include any keywords you are trying to rank for in your image alt tags.


Apart from these mention technical errors, there are many. So, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest happening in the SEO industry and update your website frequently. To the untrained eye, technical SEO issues aren’t easy to spot.

If you suspect any of the above technical issues, your website is getting hurt organically. It is a right time to have a long look at your website and your SEO efforts. Technically strong website supported by strong social media optimization services performs well in search engines without intensive SEO efforts. We offer freelance SEO services India at cost effective rates, so give us a chance to understand your requirements and offer best possible services.