Things to do after publishing a New Post

What to do after Publishing a new Blog?

Once you write a blog post and submit it in your website, then you believe that your work is done. Isn’t it right? Writing and publishing a post is not enough. It is equally important to let the post come across its readers. Before moving ahead and know what to do after a post, we will learn here benefits of blogging. Once you write a blog post and submit it in your website, then you believe that your work is done. Isn’t it right? Writing and publishing a post is not enough. It is equally important to let the post come across its readers. Before moving ahead and know what to do after a post, we will learn here benefits of blogging.

SEO experts and webmasters consider blogging is a part of SEO and content marketing. Consistent blogging is helpful for a number of ways, including:

  • Improve SEO
  • Build Credibility
  • Increase Traffic
  • Educate Customers
  • Connect People to Your Brand
  • Establish Your Business as an Industry Leader

These are main benefits of blogging. So, organizations and entrepreneurs encourage blogging for their corporate websites.

Now you are aware with the benefits of blogging, but you should also know that you won’t be able to get maximum benefits from your blogs if they do not stumble upon their readers. There a number of different promotional tips and strategies out there that you can use to promote your content in order to grow your business. So, you can try out different ones and find what works well.

These 10 Things you MUST do after publishing a Post

What to to Do After Publishing a Post on your Website

#1. Email your subscribers

Your existing and potential customers do not visit your website regularly to find out new content you publish. People check their mails for professional as well as personal purposes. When they get your email and find the title useful, they will definitely click and read. And thus, your ultimate goal to let your subscribers read the post is fulfilled.

#2. Share on social media channels

There are currently 2.46 billion social media users globally and it is expected to read 2.95 billion by 2020 . The number of social media users is increasing day by day, so you cannot the platforms to promote your content. You should use many social media channels and promote your posts among your existing and potential customers. Interested people will click and land in your website.

#3. Respond to each comment

Once you write a well-researched and informative post, you readers comment to appreciate your work. Some may ask you questions. You should respond to each comment. Responding to comments has been considered as a great way to build a stronger readership, improve engagement, and invite people to visit your website again.

#4. Use social bookmarking sites

Apart from getting a quality backlink, you generate relevant traffic from social bookmarking sites. Your links on social bookmarking sites will be indexed fast by the search engines. There are many social bookmarking sites, you choose a few and start working.

#5. Reshare your content

Social media have millions of users, but everyone will come across your content when you post first time. So, you should keep it posting after a regular interval. Reshare does not mean just pick up the URL and share, it means slightly edit the content and change certain aspects to improve your SEO.

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#6. Edit your old posts

Writing new posts for your SEO and traffic is a good activity, but do not forget to edit the old posts. After the Google Panda algorithm update, it has become mandatory for all to keep their old posts relevant and up-to- date. Apart from adding more relevant images, you can optimize the posts for search engine visibility.

#7. Repurpose your contents

No matter how useful and well researched your content is, after a certain time your content will disappear from the mind of your readers. Now, you can take the advantage of content repurposing. You can use the content and present it in a different manner. You can make an infographic or a video.

#8. Contact bloggers to mention your post

You should contact bloggers from your industry and ask him/her to mention your post. This way you will improve ranking, generate traffic and increase your subscribers. It is a great activity to improve your SEO.

#9. Build backlinks for the post

Once you post a blog, it may or may not rank organically. So, you should create some quality backlinks for the post in order to let it rank organically. Once it finds place in first page of search engines, it will start getting traffic.

#10. Write your next post

You must blog consistently to get SEO benefits, improve traffic, build credibility and increase leads. You can interlink your previous posts to get the benefits of link juice. So, keep writing blogs and thus your website will emerge as an authority website in your niche. While writing blogs, use long tail and short tail keywords, write unique description, meta, etc. for SEO benefits.

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Final thoughts

Writing blogs and promoting them online is a time taking process. You must promote your blogs intensively in order to get the maximum views. Make sure your posts are optimized for SEO. Once you publish a post, these tips will help you to make them popular. High quality and well researched posts bring traffic to your website, which you can convert into paying customers. You can hire professional SEO Content Writing Services to make your posts popular.

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