How to Marry Your SEO & Content Marketing Strategies to Boost SEO

Marry SEO and Content Marketing Strategies

Marry Your SEO & Content Marketing Strategies

It is often seen that content marketing and SEO strategies don’t go hand in hand in companies like they should. In fact, their SEO and content marketing strategies are in conflict with each other. Such situations are not repairable and webmasters need to understand the importance of combining SEO and content marketing strategies.

SEO and content marketing work perfectly to achieve the organic ranking if combined together. It is a truth that neither creating high-quality and well researched content alone work nor SEO alone is enough. You should combine both to get immediate and long lasting results.

With the emergence of content marketing, the value of SEO has decreased. However, SEO still plays a great role in improving ranking of a website. To get most out of SEO strategies, you can marry SEO with your content marketing strategies.

Use below tips to marry the two tactics into one consistent and effective effort:

Keyword research

Long Tail Keywords Research SEO

Keyword research tools are available in the market to find the best keywords for your products and services. Finding the suitable keywords is an essential condition for both strategies to work together as content must be ranked organically. Finding a perfect set of keywords for the products and/or services of your website requires research, which can be done with the help of numerous tools.

Create unique content

Content works as a king for any website. Without proper website content, you would not get success to ranking your website in search engines. Create high quality, fresh and long lasting content so that it remains useful for your audience for longer. While writing content, make sure you have sufficient word limit for SEO boost. With the unique content, you will boost your SEO and content marketing strategies.

Have a link building plan

When you create content to support your content marketing strategies, it will not work out until the content is properly internally and externally linked, which is a part of SEO strategies. Have a proper inbound and outbound link building plan in order to improve engagement and control bounce rate. Getting high quality links from authority sites is one of the main SEO activities to improve ranking and generate traffic.

Improve onsite SEO and user experience

Onsite SEO is all about optimizing the robots.txt, improving metadata, utilizing proper tags, and constructing a strategic sitemap & other technical stuff. While content marketing is all about improving user experience. If you combine both, you will get success in getting the desired ranking. Improved ranking will result in improved traffic. Once you get traffic in your website, you can easily convert it into paying customers.


These points are helpful in improving ranking of your website by combining SEO and content marketing strategies. Now it is confirmed that SEO is actually all about content marketing & content marketing is all about SEO. Both are interdependent, so we cannot separate. To know more, you can contact us at any point of time.

We are a reputed and known SEO content writing service providers in India. In addition, our content marketing services, online reputation among others are popular in the market.


Search Engine Pushes Up Content & Blog Sites

Companies as well as individuals introduce websites to educate their existing as well as potential clients and consumers. Whatever you sell, whether a product or a service, you need search engine rankings in order to get the potential customers.

Search engine optimized contents are always considered as one of the most important elements of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Such contents play vital role to determine it who finds your website and what information stage they take away once they have landed there. Apart from increasing traffic, it also plays vital role to boost up your conversion rate.

Importance of Content Rich & Blog Sites

content rich sites

When digital marketing experts talk about the promotion of a business or its products or services on the Internet, they always recommend adding blogs and to create rich contents on their online marketing strategies.

A Company Blog is Beneficial in Many Ways, including:

  • Improve Your Website’s SEO
  • Boost up Traffic to Your Website via Inbound Links
  • Enforce Your Brand as an Expert in Your Niche

Content-rich websites enjoy a unique advantage when it comes to SEO. The websites can easily be moved to the top of Google search rankings with the right optimization. In fact, such a website requires a unique and professional approach that includes strong attention to onsite SEO, effectual automation and fast indexation by search engines.

Google crawler crawls content rich pages easily and thus your website improves search engine ranking. Despite the changes in SEO strategies with time, creating a content-rich website is always be one of the best ways to ensure SEO boost up.

content rich sites and blogs

As per timesofindia digital marketers have been spotting that the search engine pushes up content & blog sites up the search results list. It is no longer the keywords that get the site on top, but well-packaged content that relates to netizen’s searches.

Now the time has come to incorporate blogs on your website and keep updating that for effective result. While updating blogs, you must try to provide the internal links and outbound links to get most out of the link building benefits. It not only helps drive traffic to your website, but also assists crawler to crawl your website which you intended. With the fresh content, your chances of ranking improvement increase.

Once you start getting traffic coming to your website through your blog, you get an opportunity to convert that traffic into leads through providing informative and engaging contents. So, while getting your contents are written, try to hire professional and qualified writers only. If you find SEO content writer, then it is an icing on the cake for you. Incorporate blog on your website and get it updated on a daily basis to ensure search engine rankings.

How Content Curation Espouses Benefit for Firms?

Content curation is an act to discover, accumulate and present larger volume of contents which surround to a specific subject matter. The entire process can include sifting, sorting, arranging, and placing the searched contents on certain themes, and then publishing them thereafter.

Unlike content creation, content curation doesn’t generate contents. Instead, it is a process to collect contents from variety of sources to deliver them in an organized fashion. Obviously, content curators won’t create new contents but they play crucial role as responsible persons to discover, compile and share existing contents with your online readers to help you remain connected with them through different but unique strategies.

Content Curation

Difference Between Content Marketing and Content Curation

It is mandatory to know the difference between these two terms. You create fresh and engaging content in Content Marketing for which do ample research to ensure quality contents are distributed to all and sundry. The story is though entirely different in Content Curation in which you are not required to create fresh contents. You have this flexibility to use other’s contents by giving personal touch to them to retain the reader attention.

Through content curation, you are in a position to source great quality contents that pertain to your niche/industry. And, you share that with your followers by keeping their interests into consideration. Although you don’t require the involvement of your resources in it, it is extensively useful. Remember that if you simply do a copy & paste then can’t avail the benefits of content curation. Always add something unique as your inputs in curated contents from customizing headlines and bodies in the content links to further enhance appeal.

Benefits of Content Curation for the Firms

According to a recent study by curate , leading digital marketing agencies use 65% created while 25% curated contents to ascertain their content marketing success. Take a look at the below points to find out notable benefits of content curation, and to observe how it can help the marketers overcome some of their greatest challenges.

Increases Knowledge Base

One of the major benefits of content curation is that it increases knowledge base of community members as well as company managers. Since online marketing landscape is changing constantly, you must remain updated with latest happenings of the industry in order to stay on the top. When sharing others’ contents, you can give personal touch to them through adding something from your mind. It eases for you to maintain the reader attention.

Establishes Credibility & Authenticity

Sharing useful content from genuine sources lets you position your organization as a reliable information source. While sharing contents though, you must ensure that they have causal relation with the industry you are in, and you are ascertained that they offer something unique to your followers. Apart from establishing credibility amongst the readers, well-curated contents equally make you authentic.

Gives Relevant Information

Content curation is more about sharing helpful information than writing by yourself. This method is beneficial for those running short of time to write fresh contents but still seek for their followers to receive latest updates regularly. Through this medium, you share contents with the followers what they actually seek, even if that one is not directly from you.

Boost Up Brand Awareness

Although, you don’t share your own content in content curation, it helps to boost up your brand awareness. The method is not new. Most brands often use it to boost up brand awareness campaigns. And, by sharing others’ contents you ultimately show your audiences that you are committed to them. You provide them best contents no matter they were written by you or someone else. Who wouldn’t respect such approach? It definitely improves your brand image.

Final Say

With time, content curation is bound to popularize and appeal masses. Apart from the above mentioned benefits, it also helps to improve your sales. It educates the potential markets while supplementing original content creation. There’s no denying of fact that curated contents are game-changers in online industry today. Last but not the least, the advice we can give while concluding this article is that you should craft your marketing strategies around the curated contents as well so that your content marketing strategies become more visible and effective to the best.

How to Write an Effective Content in 2017

Effective Content 2017

The past year 2016 has gone and we have welcomed 2017 with newer resolutions. Instead of thinking about the past, it’s high time you plan about your content creation strategies in the current year. What goals do you have for the next 12 months and what type of content you are willing to create to publish and thus get noticed? Was your content strategy successful in 2016? Simply writing content does not suffice to fulfill your requirements.

Suitable answers to many such questions would greatly help you create contents which prospective readers admire and love to read. In addition, you can use the following tips while creating contents to make 2017 a better year than the previous one for your brand promotion.

Increase length of your blog post

Increase blog length

An ideal blog must have more than 1500 words. By long-form content, it means posts which have a total of 1500 words or more to increase your chances of getting maximum traffic thus easy conversion of visitors into customers.

Neil Patel outlined in one of his latest posts that Google’s trend towards long-form writing. He emphasized that long-form content was more likely to be linked to from another site, and it was more likely to take the top spot in the search results.

Longer blog posts not only tend to rank higher in Google search engine results pages, or SERPs, but also lend credibility to your brand. You have taken your precious time to share the detailed information, so you might inspire more customer engagement and loyalty.

Start writing derivative content

Derivative Content

It is a fact that every marketer struggles with producing enough engaging and SEO optimized content to fuel an aggressive content plan. Developing derivative contentderivative content pieces would help the content marketers to accomplish this goal. And do so without putting a major strain on their marketing budget.

Share Your Content

share your content

It is complete wastage of time and resources on a content piece unless other people find it and read. With the growing demand of social media channels, sharing your content has become just as important as writing it. You should also incorporate social share buttons on every piece of content you publish.

Don’t forget to share your content in all social media channels. Once shared, it is also important to join conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. Answer your readers’ questions elaborately so that they get your point of view, offer extra commentary, and let consumers know you care about their opinions.

Start a new blog category


It is obvious that your blog starts looking dull if you write on the same topics again and again. Does your blog feel a little stale? If your answer is yes, then a simple solution for you is start a new category. Find a type of content you haven’t covered before and make it your focus for 2017 to improve contents to seek attention.

Add new writers in your team to create something fresh and valuable. Adding new members are always a welcome step as it brings fresh minds and creativity. Refresh your content to attract new prospects and to keep current readers glued to the page.

Research well before writing

Research before writing

Writing content is not effective and yield you results until content is easily accessible to the readers and they get your conveyed point as well. Research well and place correct information after rechecking the source. If you provide wrong information, your brand’s image will go down faster among the customers.

Answer potential questions through your content which customer may have in their minds. Well researched, customer-centric and engaging content not only help your website get ranked, but also assists you in increasing your sales by converting potential customers into existing customers.


There is no question that high quality, well researched and emphasizing content over quantity content will yield better performance over the time. While maintaining length of your content, it is always better for you to try to give as much information as possible. Additionally, it is not a huge burden to implement processes to ensure that you are able to continually deliver customer oriented content to improve your content’s performance.

What Is Content Repurposing and Its SEO Benefits?

Repurposing Content

Content marketers always understand the value of creating high quality content. They not only keep their existing customers informed but also help in gaining the high ranks. Writing a blog on regular basis is definitely a tough nut to chew. It is indeed not possible for everyone due to it being a resource-consuming process.

Creating an SEO optimized, well-researched and plagiarism free piece of content requires lots of time and resources. On the other hand, it is a highly creative process which needs ample time, energy and even monetary support. Repurposing content proves helpful to get out of the copies you have already put in your best efforts.

What is Content Repurposing?

Content repurposing is a process where you need not create a new content. In fact, it is a process where you need to find newer ways to recycle the existing content. It will help you get the best out of the content that you’ve already worked on. And definitely, it saves your time and energy.

Republishing Content
Content Repurposing

SEO Benefits of Repurposing Content

Get Traffic: If you repurpose your content and publish somewhere, you get immediate traffic, which is beneficial for your website in the long run. In addition, promoting your existing content to new audience will also help you boost your site’s organic social shares, which also indirectly help with SEO.

Increase Conversion Chances: By repurposing your existing content you not only increase traffic but also increase maximum chances of getting your potential customers converted into the existing ones. Site’s organic social shares would help you increase your brand’s awareness and services or products you offer. This increased brand awareness will further help the company stay in the minds of potential customers while they are in the market for your product or for service search.

Reach to New Audiences: By content repurposing, you not only increase SERPs and traffic, but also reach out to the new audiences. Reaching out to new audiences is mandatory for getting SERPs and new clients. The process is least time consuming as well.

Get a New & Quality Link: Take any post you wrote and start summarizing it. Before updating in the website you can tweak the title and content to target the different keywords rather than the original one. By doing so, you make it original and thus search engines, including Google, consider it fresh. While publishing, you can take a fresh and quality link as well.

There are many such benefits of repurposing to upgrade and promote contents. So, you need to hire a freelance content writer who understands this specific industry. By getting well researched and industry specific pages, you’ll improve your SEO rankings and thus reach to new audience members. And definitely, repurposing can help you in the long run.


For repurposing content, you need to have an existing content. If you do not have content, then you should consult freelance content writers to work for you. After searching one, you should co-ordinate to let the writer understands your requirement to work on. Once you think strategically about publishing fresh and high quality repurposed content, your next step should be to hire only those professional writers who are well aware of it. It will definitely bring amazing result.

5 Signs You Should Outsource Your Content Writing Services

Outsource Content Writing

Many business owners and marketing heads of the companies who lead the marketing & promotional efforts struggle to generate high-quality and SEO optimized contents on regular intervals. Such struggles are meant to engage the potential target audiences, and to achieves their organizational goals.

Are you one of them? If you understand the importance of contents, you will definitely hire a content creation team which generates content for you. Regular updates not only engage the current as well as potential customers but also increase the sales, and thus revenue increases.

Here is a list of signs you should outsource your content writing services:

1. You are no longer generating content: If you find writing incredibly tedious and boring or you do not have time, you should consider the services of a professional. In case you don’t produce content and assume it wasting of time then you should rather outsource to somebody who can do the needful. You cannot deny the importance of regular content generation.

2. When engagement is low: Without ranking of your website, you cannot engage or seek the attention of new customers. To lure more people, you must start blog writing for your website for overall engagement. A professionally written blog will surely increase traffic to your website.

Some benefits of continuous blogging:

  • Keyword rankings
  • Traffic sources
  • Click-through rates
  • Conversion rates
  • Social shares
  • Backlinks

3. Improve social sharing: You need something new and fresh content for your social handles. You must therefore change your social media strategy in order to increase engagement and to improve revenue. Once you publish a copy, you can share the URL to different social handles and thus you will increase the engagement.

4. Instant access to experts: If you seek instant access to experts, you should update your website regularly. This work should be done by the in-house writers. Several companies don’t have in-house writers. They can outsource their content writing services in such condition.

5. Irregular posting habits: Irregular posting habit is not good for the health of your website or portal. You must update it regularly. Freelance content writers can prove great help when you and your team are busy.

Being busy might make it tough for you to regularly create fresh and high quality content. You should hire freelancers who are aware how to write SEO content in 2016. If you find above mentioned signs for content outsourcing, you can rely on the freelancers based to India. They offer cost effective services and so do they maintain quality in the copies sought.

5 Tips to Keep in Mind for Freelance Travel Writing

Freelance Content writing

Being an owner of a tourism & travel company who runs own website, you are bound to look for different avenues for the content needs, including easily accessible freelance travel writing service providers. Dedicated professional freelance travel writers can play pivotal role to help you bring the website at the top through appealing blogs and contents. It not only adds SEO value to your website, but also keeps your current and potential customers informed of the current offers and updates.

With fast growth of travel industry, the number of freelance travel writers has equally increased. Ironically, in the herd of grabbing opportunities nobody pays attention to quality. If you are desperately looking to rank your website then the primary need is to obtain SEO optimized content. Hire freelancers by keeping in consideration the following crucial points which can pave the way for your uninterrupted growth.

Tips to keep in mind while creating contents for travel & tourism industry:

1. Travel industry experience: Hire a freelancer or content agency who has experience in the particular domain you are in. Travel writers should understand your needs and deliver high quality informative pages according to customized website requirement. So, why let an amateur craft the online image of you and your business.

Travel Industry

2. Start with the professionally written copy: Writers from tour & travel industry can create professionally written copies. Poorly written and unorganized copies will have the site visitors bouncing from your site. It not only reduces your business but also places bad image of your company. Invest time and money to hire a professional who can enthusiastically showcase the products and services you offer through online platforms.

3. Don’t overload content with keywords: Keywords are important to get the search engine rankings, but they should never be manipulated or over-used. Nowadays, standard keyword density is 1 to 2 percent so do not cross that level. The desired keywords should be integrated into pages skillfully, and do not mar the information which you want to provide to your readers.

4. Create SEO optimized contents: Without SEO optimized copy means a road without any direction. While writing copies, a writer must keep in mind the SEO requirements. Such copies get ranked easily on all popular search engines.


5. Give something new: If you just write a simple copy after researching over the internet, then no one is going to read that. You have to create each copy new and must have some potentiality to offer. So, try to include news things in each copy.

Are you looking for freelance travel writing services? There are several such companies in India which offer these services at reasonable cost. You have to search a few to select one that fulfills the requirement. You can bargain to reduce cost of pages they agree to write for you.

In case you are looking for advice regarding freelance content writing in India then you can contact our experts at SEO Content India. You will get genuine free of cost advice. It can pave the way for you to take decisions which yield better results.

What is the Importance of High Quality Content in SEO?

High Quality Content in SEO

Nowadays, there is no dearth of writers as everyone claims to be a writer and starts writing contents for the websites. Resultantly, most such stuffs are neither readable nor thoroughly researched. High-quality and well researched content should be a key aspect of every SEO content strategy. If someone does not pay attention to such elements, then loosing clients and get devalued in the market is ascertained.

You can read How to Write SEO Content in 2016?

There are some points which every writer must keep in mind while writing. Contents should have best readability besides possessing attributes such as informative and entertaining factors to inspire every potential reader.

Always remember that nicely structured well written content determines your website success. Keep the following aspects under consideration to achieve success in it.

Convey messages clearly: Whatever the motive is, if you write high quality and well researched content, people will come to your page to read that. You will be able to convey your message to the masses effectively. On the other hand, poor quality content will demoralize you in front of your competitors.

Reduce bounce rate: It is obvious that if someone reads your page and understands the conveyed message, he/she will stay on the page. Chances are high that readers will shop your product or service whatever is available.

Improve your ranking: High quality content improves ranking as search engines, including Google, give value to high quality and well researched content. Professionally written fresh texts have lower bounce rates and there are higher chances to get the social media attention.

Converts visitors into customers: If someone reads and understands a conveyed message, then there is a greater chance he/she will convert into customer. The quality of text makes you branded among the existing as well as potential customers. Remember first impression is always the last impression.

Get social media attention: Well-written high quality posts are more likely to be shared on the social media platforms hence talked by countless people. To get a post to be shared or become viral on social media, you first have to convince your readers to read the piece itself. On the other hand, readers won’t share the poorly written posts on their social media channels.

If you are looking for high quality, well researched and copyscape free contents, blogs, articles or press releases, there are a number of companies in India, including SEO Content India which you should approach. They create pages as per the requirement and deliver contents on time for your timely use.

It is a proven fact that SEO friendly pages are always sought after. They are ranked easily and thus they become accessible to everyone. If you have tight budget, then go for bargains to avail discounted rates. Indian companies offer discount to retain potential customers and to reach up to new ones.

How to Write SEO Content in 2016?

SEO Content 2016

Half a decade is enough to bring huge transformation in the online business. As you are writing SEO content in 2016 it is mandatory to discuss its values in the current context besides looking back into Google’s powerful assessment of 2011 which had proclaimed then that content would remain a prime factor to rank algorithm. It makes us rethink now to write contents which are capable to seek the attention of all and sundry.

Writing SEO Contents in the Changing Scenario

Scenarios have changed drastically in almost all sectors in the last few years. We see the aftereffects of resurgence in websites operations as well. With repeated accents of Google, and especially after 2012, changed rules and implementation have been thoroughly witnessed.

Ignoring warnings, which Panda had set, had already proved big slap for websites since then. We had direct effect in conceptual and ethical changes in writing contents in just few years. The suggested updates were in the context of exclusive search engine needs for the contents to be customized for algorithm. By 2014, we had already witnessed more than 500 algorithm changes that brought new renaissance.

Is writing content in 2016 big challenge?

SEO Content Writing 2016

Undoubtedly content is a major player in 2016 as well which we can’t ignore. There is no challenge to write content this year too except by keeping in view specific needs of the year. Websites would be hollow in the absence of quality content. Focus on following aspects while you write content this year which is winding up the sooner.

  • 2016 saw tremendous developments in social networking so your content must customize for that need to go viral
  • Always highlight the important points pertaining to this year
  • Use appropriate keywords and don’t stuff them unnecessarily
  • Write appealing contents to seek readers’ attention on all social media platforms
  • Add appropriate videos and images as content supplements
  • Maintain consistency in writing contents to suit to social media platforms
  • Differentiate pages for main and supplementary contents
  • Maintain appropriate length of content to develop reader interest

It goes without saying that the core ethics of writing content hasn’t changed in 2016. You don’t need to change the pattern too much. The need is to ensure that you have incorporated changes that fit the bill in current context of big transformations in the global eCommerce scene.

Many things have redefined online world now so you must focus on all such factors while writing SEO contents for websites.

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You are definitely not going against the tide and also have a gradual gain in desired popularity. Maintain proper content length to develop & retain reader interest.

Quality mattered in the past, leaves charismatic impact today and will remain a prime focus in the future as well.

Always focus on quality by offering a naturally appealing SEO content writing services to your readers. The current year also demands website contents for search engines. Your work should also appeal to potential loyal readers and augur them to observe particular website.

Your focus should be on presenting evergreen SEO content presented with both Internal and External Links. It will attract maximum readers.

Today is the age of smartphones. Your content must be compatible for it as mobile friendly written stuffs.

6 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Content Writing Service Provider in India

Content Writing Service Provider in India

If you own a business, then it becomes mandatory for you to have a website to keep your enterprise ahead of the competitors. Having a website means you need quality content for it to educate potential visitors.

To retain your potential and existing customers, you must prioritize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. Strong content marketing strategy supported by SEO is a must to obtain right place in the search engine pages and to sell the products and/or services.

As a seeker of quality content writing services, you can trust on the Indian SEO content writing service providers. They are indeed ultimate options to choose. Apart from the cost factor, they offer assured quality that too while they strive to survive in the cutthroat competition.

Here is a list of six things you need to keep in mind before choosing a content service provider from India:

Search their delivered works

By over-viewing at their recently delivered work, you get an idea about the quality of work they are currently producing. If their quality of work is fine, you can advise for modification according to your customized need. Most content writing service providers in India have quality resources and therefore they deliver each page after passing through stringent quality check.

Look at their experience & skills

An experienced company offers well researched and technically SEO friendly pages. You can look at the skills by going through some of the previous works of such companies and what they have delivered in the recent past. Things you need to consider is readability, grammar, spelling, search engine friendly and flow et al.

Does the company understand your domain?

It is an added advantage for you while hiring a company that it understands your domain. Undoubtedly, such companies would be able to write relevant and well research pages with ease.

Discuss for editing and revision policies

Get associated with a company, which guarantees to provide you timely editing and revision services as per the requirement. Also, check if they follow particular guidelines for editing, revision and proofreading services.

Check the turnaround time

If you want your pages need to be written quickly, you should discuss with them before giving a final nod. You can choose a company which agrees to work on the set deadline you provide it. You must discuss your priorities and deadline well in advance to avoid unnecessary delays.

Obtain cost quotes from different parties

Before choosing a company for your SEO content writing needs you should discuss with several parties for price and quality assurances. Some reputed companies in India offer discount of up to 50% to their new clients. Bargaining hard can save you a lot of amount. Before signing the contract, you should read the terms and conditions carefully.

If aforesaid factors are suitable in a particular company, you may approach one for your content writing needs. Such companies also discuss with the customers in case find something new and interesting.

So, just get ahead without thinking much.