Do Press Releases Help in SEO to Improve Ranking?

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Do you believe that Press Releases can improve ranking?

Many people have started talking that Press Releases are clichés today, and thus they are liquidated. In several cases it is often seen that whenever new companies or product launches come around, Press Release distribution is given least or no importance at all or even cancelled considering they are old-fashioned or outdated trends.

Links from Press Releases do have ranking benefits despite what Matt Cutts says in the Google forums that links from within Press Releases do not “benefit your rankings”.

According to search engine land, links from within Press Releases can indeed have a ranking benefit in Google.

What is Press Release?

Also known as news release, press statement or media release; a Press Release is a short, compelling news story written by PR professionals, and is sent to targeted media houses for publication purpose.

News Release

A Press Release should comprise of all essential information such as who? what? where? when? how? and most importantly why? for journalists to easily produce his own story.

If a release is written professionally, then the chances go high for it to be picked up by bloggers, twitterers, and others who read that to find something worthy to share within their own social networks.

Main Purpose of Press Releases

The main purpose of writing and publishing Press Releases is to get media attention for the events, new product/service launches or similar other major happenings in a business or organization. It is particularly designed to promote companies and their products and or services through Internet with the direct readership publicity on blogs, websites and social networks.

Press Release Serves Three Marketing and Promotional Purposes, including:

1. To let the media remain abreast of an event held

2. To let the media notice a press release to prepare an actual news article; and

3. To help promote certain business’ appearance on the Internet

How to Write a PR for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Press Release writing

Writing content for press releases is entirely different from that content creation for websites and or blogs. While writing a press release, you need to keep in consideration several points, including:

  • Write by keeping the targeted audience into mind
  • Use the keywords as sufficiently as possible
  • Ensure you have an attractive PR title
  • Have a summary that sums the idea
  • Include a proper content body to convey your message
  • Inculcate the who, what, where, when and how aspects
  • Provide the required contact information
  • Describe the particular company precisely
  • Include the relevant links for ease

What Are the SEO Benefits of Press Releases?

PR for SEO

There are many seo benefits of Press Releases. When they appear in the “News” section of a Google search, they easily drive organic traffic to a particular website and thus start creating brand awareness through increasing customers.

If you create unique Press Release which is expressive, valuable, and attention-grabbing, then undoubtedly it would seek the attention of popular newspapers, media outlets or blogs. Chances are that more likely it would be picked for your promotion. When they do so, your company gets that unique link, mention, citation, buzz, referral traffic—and you are a success.

Other SEO Advantages that Come from a Press Release Include:

  • Natural links from external sources
  • Maximum visibility
  • Brand / Name recognition
  • Referral traffic


There are many benefits of Press Release writing such as brand awareness, lead generation, SEO benefits and thought leadership to name a few. However, you need to keep in mind that one Press Release won’t solve all of your business goals or ambitions. The best solution for you to get noticed is to create Press Releases consistency. Through distributing professionally written, SEO-friendly press releases on regular basis you are in the win-win situation.

The logic is that you write a PR as soon as something newsworthy occurs in your organization be it events, promotions, awards, new products or services, and other accomplishments and thus get that channelized instantly.