10 Effective Ways to Manage Negative Social Media Comments

Negative Social Media Commets

Undoubtedly, Social Media has become one of the powerful advertising & brand building tools for the companies and entrepreneurs in current digital era. It plays pivotal role to support the corporations through helping them to connect, engage and establish trust with current as well as prospective clients. Thus, social media remains a powerful force to increase brand awareness while websites get optimum traffic to ultimately boost up the revenue.

William Shakespeare had rightly said in 1623 that “All’s Well That Ends Well.” The fact remains here that nothing is completely perfect and there is ample scope for improvement. Likewise, in a case of individual or corporate house you can’t make everybody happy in this universe so you should be ready to listen to the critical remarks from Social Media platforms as much as you expect eulogizes from all and sundry.

Connecting and engaging with the clients or fans is a great way to establish trust and loyalty. Should you also remain well prepared for negative comments on your social media pages as well?

Although, every case is different, here is a list of the ten effective ways to handle the negative social media feedbacks:

1. Respond with a proper solution:

Respond with a proper solution

You should respond to your unsatisfied customer in no time with a proper solution. Conversation between a customer and an organization on the Social Media is the epitome of transparency. Take additional care and offer proper communication to them. It is bound to leave an impression that you have nothing to hide and you care all.

2. Acknowledge your mistakes:

Acknowledge your mistakes

Customers are well aware of this fact that no one is perfect in this world, so instead of hiding the mistakes, you should rather acknowledge them to let that particular unsatisfied customer entrust a renewed faith on you. Once you acknowledge your mistakes, the consumer would stop blaming your company for such issues. Thereafter, you can help one find suitable solution.

3. Start conversations offline:

Start conversations offline

Online conversations are in public eye and might prompt others to join in, so it is always better to start offline conversations. Direct offline communication not only prevents the situations from escalating but also calms the person down.

4. Don’t delete unless absolutely necessary:

Don’t delete unless absolutely necessary

Deleting negative comments will present a negative impression of your company. By giving proper solution you will set an example and show other viewers that your company always cares and takes the complaints seriously.




5. Do not lose your temper:

Do not lose your temper

Before replying to a negative comment, you have enough time to plan your response. Reply only after understanding a problem and getting proper solution of that issue being raised. You can use Google alerts to track the negative comments. Don’t ever take the comments personally – even though they might be – and respond with a level head.

6. Reply from a writer:

Reply from a writer

Your response should not have grammatical or factual errors so it is best to get a reply written from any professional social media content writer. Apart from command over the language, he/she understands the Social Media paradigm.

7. Resolve it—even if it costs you:

Resolve it—even if it costs you

Sometimes, it is a wise idea to resolve clients’ issues even if it costs you. Negative reviews can highlight your weaknesses in front of the potential and existing customers. Whatever price you have to pay, it is a great idea to present your company among the potential customers that your business values people.

8. Take a screenshot:

Take a screenshot

Take screenshots of negative messages in order to use them as an evidence or document in the future. Apart from future training, screenshots can also be used as a proof for the legal matters, if any.

9. Don’t entertain the social media trolls:

Don’t entertain the social media trolls

It is a proven fact that some people just want to cause troubles. So, don’t let negative biased messages spread. Handle them with 100% genuineness. Since social media is a highly visible and public forum, it can prevent potential customers hence maintaining transparency is a must.

10. Offer an incentive:

Offer an incentive

If a consumer is not satisfied with your explanation, you can try offering a business service or a discount to calm the situation. And, it most probably will convert that particular complainer into a satisfied customer.

Most companies or entrepreneurs use social media for brand building purposes. But, in a meanwhile, they should also be prepared to deal with the unhappy customers on regular basis. A negative message viral on the Social Media can mar your online reputation hence try to offer them solution- even if it costs you- to convert them into good and long-term advocates for your brand.

You can hire a professional social media enthusiast at SEO Content India to manage your all such social media activities. He/she will create contextual Social Media Pages and update them in compliance with your company’s content policies.

Ways to Increase Followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

In the world of digital media, every businesses and individual entrepreneurs have to be present on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If you are active on these social platforms, you need followers to get your contents viral. Social media channels are probably places where you want to start marketing or promoting your businesses, products and services. With the age, most companies, individual entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers have realized that social media channels have the potential to cause a massive increase in sales.

Social media

Here is list of ways to increase Facebook, Twitter and Google+ likes, fans and followers:

Great informative and useful content: Content in the form of written pages, infographics, images and videos work greatly to attract attention of potential customers and thereafter your potential customers convert in sales. In addition, useful content works to build your brand.

Set up & optimize your page timeline: Once you create a profile, make sure you provide genuine information and update your original pictures. Therafter, you should go to the about section of your page where you will be asked to fill up all the details with relevant information so that people will be able to find your page easily.


Invite friends and ask friends to invite their friends: To increase likes, fans and followers, you should increase your friends and invite them to like, comment and share your updates. Ask your friends to invite their friends and thus your friend’s list would keep increasing.

Be on time: You should set a time to post on social channels and be stick to the timing. Do not get late or post early. The perfect timing to post an update on social networking sites are around noon to 1:00 pm and if you want to get more viewers, then you should post an update at 3:00 pm.

Apart from above mentioned activities, you should keep your eyes open and try to incorporate new things in your posts. See others posts and analyze how their posts are performing. You have to learn new techniques by seeing others posts. If you have blog, update it on a regular basis and keep sharing on social channels. By doing so, you will increase your traffic to the blog and get relevant likes, comments and views.

What Makes Your Blogs A Real Form Of Social Media Strategy?

So what do you think as a blogger about the blogs showcasing on the social media platforms. Blogs are pivotal for overall success of an online business. Their values must be judged on multiple grounds. Most notable factor is that blogs are always exclusive supports for the search engine optimization purposes henceforth you can’t ignore them in your strategies.

SEO content India emphasizes that all eCommerce ventures consider this crucial role of blogs. You won’t attain success without engaging search-friendly blog posts. While you create your contents—blogs for the website you own—you must ensure exploring suitable avenues as much as possible to fulfill the online business needs. Regular blog posts on websites for their timely appearance on multiple social media platforms are bound to bring assured ranking.

Consider primary, secondary and tertiary factors while your prepare blogs. Thorough research for blogs by ensuring an effective SEO and search friendly blog plan is the prerequisite. How do you attain success for that purpose? Your primary step should be making blogs focused.

Be specific in the selection of blog keyword phrases. They play pivotal role in a blog creation. Such efforts would increase the chances for noticeable promotions you seek. Proper keyword phrasing smoothen connectivity with social networking platforms. That is why well-written blogs are crucial as real forms of social media promoters. Develop strategy on contents you are going to use in websites. Blogs and external contents shared on them differ in values.

Maintain a balance while working on SEO friendly blogs. Post them on regular intervals. It is a proven fact that blogs are crucial to drive online sales promotions. Not all of them are though equally impactful. It is crucial to focus at specific factors while you customize blogs as part of social media strategy. Narrow your focus from theme specializations to key purposes during their creations.

They should speak volumes about effective online communication strategies in less number of words. Your target audience should grab conveyed message in one go. Linking product pages alongside meticulously written blog work as perfectly planned social media platform.

Blogs are of paramount value to maintain content management systems of each and every successful eCommerce website. Easily usable blogs can be transformed into promotional hubs. What strategies you should make to ensure website blogs turn into real form of social media strategies? As an owner of online business website you must plan strong blogging strategy with regular submission schedules. Each blog you post should maintain theme relevance. Consider exclusive needs of target audiences for which you must have an effective blogging platform.

To avail the benefit of using blogs as part of real form of social media strategy, you should also focus at technicalities for proper hosting. Themes are entirely different aspects but presenting blogs with genuine hosting is equally important. It is important to connect blogs with the social networking platforms where you find target audiences. Blogs should be created strategically to serve a purpose of effective content marketing plan. It is a must to map promotional calendars for smooth operation of an online business. Apart from blogs, we also provide freelance SEO content writing services in India.

Understanding the Role of Hiring SEO Content Writers for Social Media

To understand the role of SEO content writers, you need to understand two things – who are SEO content writers and what is social media. The professional writers with the training of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google algorithms are known as SEO content writers. They create pages, which get place easily on the popular search engines. In addition, they are trained for not only social media updates, but also content pages, articles, blogs and many more. With the expertise in the industry, they also know keyword density and other technical things needed for quick ranking.

Freelance SEO content writers in New Delhi
Freelance SEO content writers in India

Understanding social media

Social media websites are platforms where business and product owners promote their products and services to get attention of a number of people. On the other hand, Social media are also defined as computer-mediated tools that allow individuals or companies to create, share, or exchange information, career interests, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks. Apart from increasing followers, they are considered as best platforms to get the attention of people. Some popular social media channels include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, YouTube and Vimeo.

Benefits of hiring trained social media post creators

  • Write as per the industry
  • Target long tail keywords
  • Cityscape free pages
  • Focus on branding
  • Creates brand awareness
  • Write informative pieces
  • Research before creating posts

Elaborating the role of SEO content writers in Social Media

Social media is all about sharing contents in the form of blogs, posts, and videos. If professionally written, there is an increased chance of getting huge traffic without creating confusion. If social media posts are not appropriate or carry grammatical or factual errors, then it creates negative impression on the readers about your company or products and services. Nowadays, professional writers write longer posts to leverage the power of long-tail keywords. Using a variety of long-tail keywords meaning ranking of long words and thus it becomes easy to get ranking on short terms.

How to hire an SEO content and social media creators in India?

There are a number of professional & Freelance SEO content writers in New Delhi, India helping business owners and individual entrepreneurs to get informative piece of pages. You need to search a few before choosing one. Get quotations from many and choose one which gives you guarantee of high quality pages at cost effective rates. In addition, they also offer well research and search engine friendly pages. In addition, the pages are edited many times to avoid grammatical and factual errors. If your budget is tight, you should negotiate to get discounts.