FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]

Do you have any questions about our content writing services? To find answers of many such common questions, check out our FAQs page. Our team has selected some of the most commonly asked questions to provide you better insights into our services, and to explain important factors for which you seek prompt response.

Question 1. How to judge quality of your contents?

We, at SEO Content India, offer high quality, well researched and customer oriented contents. It is due to our high quality services only that we have retained each and every client, whether national and international, since our first project with them. Visit our portfolio page to get an idea about quality of services we assuredly offer.

Every single page of content which our writers create is bound to pass through the stringent quality checking process. Only after getting approval from proofreading & editorial department, do we encourage sending content projects to clients for their approval and acceptance.

Question 2. Are there different types of contents?

 Yes, there are multiple verities of contents written to use for various purposes. Website contents are entirely different from blogs and article contents. Our team of writers are professionals who understand each niche and are aware of many such differences in contents. They thus create pages according to the specific format and needs. Regular trainings too help our writers to hone their writing skills and to get updated with the latest SEO techniques. Our contents are SEO friendly therefore they are ranked easily in almost all search engine pages.

Question 3. Do you provide a free trial?

 Yes, we do provide small assignments ranging between 300 to 500 words as a free trial. Our aim is to give our clients better avenues to judge quality of contents we create. One more purpose of free trials is that through auguring for such steps we develop rapport amongst the potential customers. They will have an understanding of our functioning while we too get an opportunity to evaluate the specific project requirements through that. Depending on niche of different projects, we deploy resources with similar backgrounds required. Our free trials, which you avail, would equally help us to present the competitive price quotations.

Question 4. How much time do you take to complete a project of 5 pages?

Since we work in team monitored by senior editors, we usually finish 2500 words (5 pages) in just 20 hours. The delivery of such 5 pages though is usually scheduled for 24 hours as we require at least 4 hours for keen evaluation by proofreading to them passing through editorial team who checks other aspects of pages concerned. We never send final drafts to clients without being minutely checked by our senior editors. Apart from readability, grammar and keywords stuffing ration, our focus also remains on the minute scrutiny of whether prepared pages are SEO optimized or not.

Question 5. Do you charge extra for revisions?

 No, we don’t charge for revisions. Whether it is minor revision or a major one, we do it free of cost for all domestic and international customers. In fact, we always appreciate feedbacks from the clients in order to improve our own knowledge base.

Question 6. How does your work process functions?

Once you confirm that you are ready to avail our web content writing services, we request patrons to send us complete work details with guidelines. We start working to provide completed part projects on regular basis to ensure that concerned parties go through them to provide us feedbacks. We complete each project before time so that our clients provide valuable feedback, and we find ample time to work on them.

Question 7. What are your payment terms?

 We charge per word basis. The terms vary from content writing projects to the rest. Our team requires an initial mandatory down payment of 25% to 50% before project starts. Subsequent payments can be made at certain intervals and at final delivery of web contents. We ask for the final settlement amount upon successful completion of projects.

Question 8. Can I talk to the writer?

 Yes, definitely you will be given contact details of writers assigned to your project. You can guide him/her to share if you have any special requirement. You will have direct number and email IDs of a particular writer to smoothen your communication.

Question 9. Do you provide SEO services?

Yes, we have recently launched our SEO services as well. Our SEO services are designed by keeping in consideration search engines and latest Google updates. In a service, we aim that our clients get quick ranking in popular search engines. Once we are assigned certain projects, concerned parties surely enjoy peace of mind after knowing it that the project is monitored by a true professional SEO team member.

Question 10. How do I get started?

Click here to go to our Send Enquiry page and fill out an easy online information form. Once you’ve completed and submitted that, we’ll do all the rest. Our executives will contact you in no time.

Still want to know more? Shoot a question now at: seocontentindia1@gmail.com