Freelance Press Release Writing

Press Releases play pivotal role to bring organizations into fore through short but highly informative and to-the-point details on particular developments within the organization. SEO Content India thus took initiative to offer this core service of press release writing services which is exclusively designed for entrepreneurs and companies in the all levels of growth. They seek plenty of publicity for their businesses and brands. While doing so they drive traffic to their websites. Press releases, often called “news release” are the ones which editors can insert into any newspaper or magazine without changing a comma.

Press Release writing
Press Release

A press release written with journalistic tone thus gets picked up by reputed news outlets and published. Once published on the sites such press releases leave ample impact on readers due to multitude of high quality, diverse links from the very authoritative and real news sites. Apart from making your brand popular, such links would take you on the top in search engine results. That is why freelance press release writing has attained so much popularity.

Hire SEO Content India for Freelance PR writing Services

Press release writing services

You avail countless benefits by hiring SEO Content India to prepare your press release copies. Our freelance press release writer is one from the team of writers having gained experience and required training in the respective fields. They write for you the most professional copies. We assure that professionally written press releases will seek the attention of many media platforms to find room and attract relevant traffic for you.

The copies we prepare for you will also bring the ascertained benefits through the following:-

  • Intriguing headlines
  • Convincing content
  • Correct grammar and spelling
  • Cross-checked data and graphs
  • Carefully chosen keywords
  • Search engine optimization friendly

Benefits of Press Release Writing and Publishing

  • Get your company/brand noticed
  • Target your potential audiences
  • Establish your business as a market leader
  • Get in touch with the clients

Our professional and skilled freelance PR writers create customized press release for you that you can use anywhere throughout the web. If you want, we can also help to distribute press releases. You can thus utilize our PR distribution service as well.

Our Working Process

Step 1. Once the project is taken, our press release writers discuss your PR topic to start developing a solid press release structure through execution strategy.

Step 2. Our writers conduct information and keyword research to ensure that required press release is not only informative and customer centric but also 100% search engine friendly thus fully optimized with safe up-to-date SEO techniques.

Step 3. We send the final draft to clients for approval.

Step 4. After getting approval a client can directly submit that or ask us to submit to multiple channels.

What SEO Content India Offers?

Our company ensures that you get a relevant & informative content to address your target audiences to obtain backlinks. With informative and relevant content, you PR will go viral in the social media as well. It is important for you to hire PR writers who fulfill the needs. We create informative and highly persuasive press releases to distribute information about your company for products and services you offer.

It will definitely offer you an edge over the competitors. You start witnessing fast improvement in sales due to well written press releases which help you earn public credibility and confidence.

We Ease Communication

ease communication

Sometimes, a client has many things to go into a release. In such situations, one would like to talk to a writer for elaborate need discussion on regular intervals. Our service—‘hire a dedicated PR writer,’ best suits to you for such situations. You will have direct numbers and email of that particular writer. In addition, completed drafts are checked by our editorial department before sent to clients.

How to Write a Press Release?

People hire professionals for variegated writing needs. The sooner such writers start developing clarity in profession due to awareness and use of various techniques. Content of a press release is completely different from website contents or blogs contents. A good press release describes “who, what, why, and where” of a newsworthy event.

Once Order is With Us, We Seek Following Information:

  • What you actually want to promote and any other pertinent details
  • A company manager or spokesperson’s name to include in the quotes
  • Any key points you would like us to mention
  • Any important information you are willing us to add
  • What product or service you want to promote?

Here are Some Major Ideas of Press Release-worthy Company Happenings:

  • New product launches
  • Milestones achieved
  • New services offered
  • New websites launched
  • Product or services improved
  • Award or professional recognitions received
  • Partnered with a new Group

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