Know About Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks in SEO Contexts

Both Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks are Must

Having a website is good, but having a website that ranks well in search engines is very good. To improve ranking and maintain the ranking, there are many SEO activities, including building backlinks. While building links for your website, you must understand the difference between dofollow links and nofollow links. And, why you need the both.

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What are dofollow links?

dofollow backlinks

The term dofollow link is introduced by Google in 2005 in order to improve the search engine results and reduce the search engine spam indexing. Do follow links pass link juice to improve page rank in search engines as it tells the search engine crawlers to follow the particular link. Search engines crawlers continue to crawl other pages they discover through standard links. Such follow links are counted as ‘votes’, forcing SEO link juice and improving the page rank of the linked to sites. They are considered good for improving organic ranking and page authority of a website.

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What are nofollow links?


The nofollow link is basically a piece of information for search engine crawlers saying not to crawl the link. Such links neither helps in boosting PageRank, nor in improving a page’s placement in the SERPs. In addition, they do not get love.

There are some situations where you might need nofollow such as paid links, adverts, blog comments, links to bad sites, links to ads, among others.

No follow links do not directly improve page ranks or organic rankings, it does not mean you do not need them. They create awareness, bring traffic, engage people, improve internal linking, among others. It is also confirmed that improved traffic boosts organic ranking.

You need both dofollow and nofollow links

Do-Follow vs. No-Follow link ratio

It is true that do follow links have more value than no follow links, but you should underestimate the power of no follow links. You will not be able to enjoy organic traffic from Google if you lack any of these link types.

If you create only do follow links, then search engines and Google will consider it a manipulative activity and tag your links as spammy, even if you didn’t do anything suspicious.

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Is the DoFollow vs NoFollow link ratio important?

Do not build links to get your website noticed by search engines; in fact build organic (natural) links to your site. If you focus on getting legitimate links to your website, you have nothing to worry about the ratio. When you create links intentionally to get noticed and improve ranking, then you have to constantly worry about being discovered and penalized. However, it is a good practice to have both types of links. Because, we have heard debates on the ratio, but haven’t seen numbers anywhere.


When creating links, make sure you create them naturally. Do not create links to come in the notice of search engines. Natural links from authority websites will improve page authority, domain authority and thus search engine ranking. Nofollow links are also helpful in many ways, so just start creating links naturally. One thing you can do while building links for your website, get inbound links or give outbound links only to authoritative website.

I think the information is sufficient to understand the difference between do follow and no follow links and why you need both. If you still have confusion or want to ask more, contact our experts now. We will try to get your confusions cleared by our experts in no time.

5 Quick Ways to Improve SEO & Increase Brand Visibility

Boost SEO & Increase Brand Visibility

Like the previous year or before that, optimizing your content equally remains vital in 2017 to obtain ranking on search engines and thus to attain traffic.

Search engine is still being considered one of the top tools for the consumers to avail multiple benefits including shopping, gathering information, getting answers to the queries, and finding solutions to various problems. It has therefore become mandatory that brands rank while your audiences are looking for the products or services you offer them.

Proper search engine techniques and strategies will always help you boost your rankings and to get in front of your potential customers.

hire SEO services

There are many SEO tips & techniques you need to keep in mind while optimizing the pages, including the notable ones:

  • Be patient
  • Accept changes
  • Hire an SEO company
  • Become an avid learner
  • Install analytics and keep watching
  • Build an SEO optimized website
  • Include a site map page
  • Make SEO-friendly URLs

Improving ranking becomes a child’s play if you are abreast of the latest SEO techniques. The techniques are though not rocket science but leave greater impact. Implementation of a few simple steps would definitely take your website on top in various search engines.

Follow the below suggestions and watch your website’s improvement how it ranks at the top of the search-engine results.

  • Publish Relevant and Quality Content: Quality contents get crawled by Google crawler and thus ranking is improved.
  • Update Your Content Regularly: If you update fresh content, search engines pushes up your website.
  • Write SEO optimized title and description
  • Have a link-worthy site
  • Use alt tags

Our SEO experts have outlined five important ways to support your SEO strategies to help you build the brand awareness, drive targeted traffic, and to achieve the marketing goals.

#1 Increase Page Load Speeds

improve page load speeds

Page load speeds play vital role in getting new customers and to retain the existing ones. Do you know this fact that if your visitors have to wait, you may lose them? So, you should use a caching plugin to help improve your speeds. In addition, clean and streamlined code is also helpful to increase page load speeds.

#2 Ensure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

When making a website, you must keep in mind that your visitors will come from different sources. Smartphone searches have increased by manifold so you need to create a mobile friendly website. In addition, Google’s most recent update shows that mobile friendly sites rank above than those which are not mobile friendly.

There are many sites, where you can confirm whether you site is mobile friendly or not.

Some important mobile optimized website benefits include:

  • Improved User Experience
  • Enhanced Average Time on Site
  • Faster Website Loading Speed
  • Enhanced Mobile SEO
  • Competitive Advantage Over Your Competitors

#3 Ensure to Include Outgoing Links

Outgoing links play great role in improving the search engine ranking. An study by SEJ  proves that including the outgoing links within your blog post has a positive effect on SEO ranking. Including authoritative links is helpful in SEO as it builds trust with Google, shows that your blog post is indeed valuable and relevant to your respective industry.

Apart from providing additional resources to readers, such links will prove their own credibility in the online space. While outbound linking, you should link to the relevant pages so that readers do not distract from the specific point.

#4 Improve Website Experience

You not only need visitors on your website but also want them to stay on your website for a while. But how! You can easily improve the website experience by adding interactive content pieces in the form of infographics, videos, surveys and polls, calculators and audios. If your visitors stay on your website, it helps you show Google that your content is worthy to be ranked.

#5 Create Content Rich Pages

content rich pages

Try to create the content rich pages for your website as they can easily find place on the top of Google search rankings with the right optimization. In fact, rich content can be a great tool to boost up the visibility of your website across the search engines.
Neil Patel points out—“as a content marketer you have to create long form content, meaning 2000+ word, high-quality blog posts.”

Some vital benefits of long form content:

  • Higher Google Search Rankings
  • More Brand Authority
  • Greater Credibility
  • More Social Media Success
  • Lower Costs for Inbound Marketing
  • More Backlinks and Organic Traffic
  • More Sustainable Content
  • Greater Value


If you want people to find you online while they search for your products or services, you need visibility of your website. Search engine ranking is not possible until you understand the importance of SEO and to make your website search engine complaint. While creating a new website, you need to keep in mind the above mentioned points to meet the requirements of Google.

Some of you might be a novice in the industry. It is better to hire an expert if that is the case. He/she will not only help you create SEO friendly websites but also turn that user friendly as well. Always remember that user friendly websites always rank easily in the popular search engines.

Try to understand the questions your potential customers might have and provide answer to your contents. Getting connected with the potential customers is a great way to increase sales, which should be your ultimate goal. While creating contents, you need to keep in mind the SEO strategies, including keyword density, search engine algorithms, meta titles and meta descriptions for a greater boost.