Know About Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks in SEO Contexts

Both Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks are Must

Having a website is good, but having a website that ranks well in search engines is very good. To improve ranking and maintain the ranking, there are many SEO activities, including building backlinks. While building links for your website, you must understand the difference between dofollow links and nofollow links. And, why you need the both.

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What are dofollow links?

dofollow backlinks

The term dofollow link is introduced by Google in 2005 in order to improve the search engine results and reduce the search engine spam indexing. Do follow links pass link juice to improve page rank in search engines as it tells the search engine crawlers to follow the particular link. Search engines crawlers continue to crawl other pages they discover through standard links. Such follow links are counted as ‘votes’, forcing SEO link juice and improving the page rank of the linked to sites. They are considered good for improving organic ranking and page authority of a website.

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What are nofollow links?


The nofollow link is basically a piece of information for search engine crawlers saying not to crawl the link. Such links neither helps in boosting PageRank, nor in improving a page’s placement in the SERPs. In addition, they do not get love.

There are some situations where you might need nofollow such as paid links, adverts, blog comments, links to bad sites, links to ads, among others.

No follow links do not directly improve page ranks or organic rankings, it does not mean you do not need them. They create awareness, bring traffic, engage people, improve internal linking, among others. It is also confirmed that improved traffic boosts organic ranking.

You need both dofollow and nofollow links

Do-Follow vs. No-Follow link ratio

It is true that do follow links have more value than no follow links, but you should underestimate the power of no follow links. You will not be able to enjoy organic traffic from Google if you lack any of these link types.

If you create only do follow links, then search engines and Google will consider it a manipulative activity and tag your links as spammy, even if you didn’t do anything suspicious.

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Is the DoFollow vs NoFollow link ratio important?

Do not build links to get your website noticed by search engines; in fact build organic (natural) links to your site. If you focus on getting legitimate links to your website, you have nothing to worry about the ratio. When you create links intentionally to get noticed and improve ranking, then you have to constantly worry about being discovered and penalized. However, it is a good practice to have both types of links. Because, we have heard debates on the ratio, but haven’t seen numbers anywhere.


When creating links, make sure you create them naturally. Do not create links to come in the notice of search engines. Natural links from authority websites will improve page authority, domain authority and thus search engine ranking. Nofollow links are also helpful in many ways, so just start creating links naturally. One thing you can do while building links for your website, get inbound links or give outbound links only to authoritative website.

I think the information is sufficient to understand the difference between do follow and no follow links and why you need both. If you still have confusion or want to ask more, contact our experts now. We will try to get your confusions cleared by our experts in no time.

How to Marry Your SEO & Content Marketing Strategies to Boost SEO

Marry Your SEO & Content Marketing Strategies

It is often seen that content marketing and SEO strategies don’t go hand in hand in companies like they should. In fact, their SEO and content marketing strategies are in conflict with each other. Such situations are not repairable and webmasters need to understand the importance of combining SEO and content marketing strategies.

SEO and content marketing work perfectly to achieve the organic ranking if combined together. It is a truth that neither creating high-quality and well researched content alone work nor SEO alone is enough. You should combine both to get immediate and long lasting results.

With the emergence of content marketing, the value of SEO has decreased. However, SEO still plays a great role in improving ranking of a website. To get most out of SEO strategies, you can marry SEO with your content marketing strategies.

Use below tips to marry the two tactics into one consistent and effective effort:

Keyword research

Long Tail Keywords Research SEO

Keyword research tools are available in the market to find the best keywords for your products and services. Finding the suitable keywords is an essential condition for both strategies to work together as content must be ranked organically. Finding a perfect set of keywords for the products and/or services of your website requires research, which can be done with the help of numerous tools.

Create unique content

Content works as a king for any website. Without proper website content, you would not get success to ranking your website in search engines. Create high quality, fresh and long lasting content so that it remains useful for your audience for longer. While writing content, make sure you have sufficient word limit for SEO boost. With the unique content, you will boost your SEO and content marketing strategies.

Have a link building plan

When you create content to support your content marketing strategies, it will not work out until the content is properly internally and externally linked, which is a part of SEO strategies. Have a proper inbound and outbound link building plan in order to improve engagement and control bounce rate. Getting high quality links from authority sites is one of the main SEO activities to improve ranking and generate traffic.

Improve onsite SEO and user experience

Onsite SEO is all about optimizing the robots.txt, improving metadata, utilizing proper tags, and constructing a strategic sitemap & other technical stuff. While content marketing is all about improving user experience. If you combine both, you will get success in getting the desired ranking. Improved ranking will result in improved traffic. Once you get traffic in your website, you can easily convert it into paying customers.


These points are helpful in improving ranking of your website by combining SEO and content marketing strategies. Now it is confirmed that SEO is actually all about content marketing & content marketing is all about SEO. Both are interdependent, so we cannot separate. To know more, you can contact us at any point of time.

We are a reputed and known SEO content writing service providers in India. In addition, our content marketing services, online reputation among others are popular in the market.


SEO Company in India Ensures Latest SEO Strategies for Quick Result

Owning websites that hardly ranks on the searches is equal to selling mirrors to the blinds. The question is that how to get your website ranked on the search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) supports the websites or blogs get ranked on the search engines. Before we move ahead, let’s explain SEO and its prerogatives for the better understanding of this concept. We must also understand it why it is needed to sustain in the online market.

SEO company in India

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of getting traffic from free, organic or natural search results on the search engines. On the other hand, SEO is simply an art to ensure that your website is structured in a specific way which search engines understand or notice. Such strategically planned websites thus create positive impression in front of the search engines.

Looking for SEO Services

looking for SEO services

If you have a website, then you would definitely look for the SEO services in order to help your website obtain search engine rankings. Several countries from around the world offer SEO services but many of the exclusive SEO services in New Delhi, India are often preferred due to availability of various such companies and resources.

Reputed SEO company in India would ensure offering high quality and professional services in order to keep clients satisfied besides retaining them to the best extent possible. In order to keep the conversation smooth and transparent, many such companies also have round the clock customer care services.

Some Benefits of SEO Services in India

Checklist for an SEO Company in India

SEO Checklist

You might be aware of this fact that several SEO companies offer their professional services to domestic as well as global clients today. Many such companies maintain their variegated expertise. You thus need to choose one such party that can better guarantee to fulfill the requirements. Before choosing a company for your SEO requirements, you shouldn’t forget to make the checklist to follow that.



Below are the points which you must cover in your checklist.

  1. Your own budget for the project
  2. Assessing previous works of a chosen company
  3. The team size of the company in question
  4. The locational factors
  5. The turnaround time

 How to Search a Company in India?

Searching a SEO service provider in India has become an easy affair today. A simple search would be helpful for you to get in touch with many such parties which can offer services at cost effective rates. Obtain the details of many such agencies to receive their quotations and rest details sought so that you make genuine and a reasonable decision to act on to take the services of specific parties. The moment you are in touch with an authentic company which fulfills the requirement, you should go ahead in making an upfront payment to avail the specified customized services.

Each of these companies maintain different payment receiving options. In general, most of the Indian SEO companies usually demand 50% in advance and often advice for the release of rest payment on project completion. They also keep you informed by providing details of the works done on monthly basis to their respective clients in order to maintain transparency. So, you should rather choose any such company accordingly to take their exclusive SEO services or even Internet marketing service solutions at the pocket friendly rates.

You may even bargain to receive some discount from such companies while awarding the projects to work on. In the Indian context, several SEO companies offer discount of up to 40% in order to serve their existing customers and to lure the new ones. Bargaining hard might help you get some initial discounts which are indeed great help for your smooth organizational operation. For more information, you can contact SEO Content India and its team just by sending an email or calling directly.

5 Effective Ways to Improve Writing Skill for Your Blog Content  

Those of you maintaining personal or professional blogs are bound to write some stuff to keep that going. No matter you are a professional writer or not, blogs must be filled with contents on regular intervals. If you are not a professional writer, then take assistance from the professional bloggers or writers to get the task done.

Improve Blog Writing Skills

Maintaining a blog in its consistency in contents published and by keeping the theme intact is a first ladder to succeed in an online marketing strategy for business.

Well-written and fresh contents will always prove supportive for you to stand out from the counterparts. You will be recognized for presenting something unique and effective that too while there is the verge of countless low quality blogs or various online organizational mouthpieces which simply fill the web with ordinary stuffs. It is perhaps the primary reason that while people come across to useless stuffs online you can definitely provide them an ultimate choice to read and admire.

Blog writing is not a rocket science. A few simple tips and tricks would do to ensure you are thoroughly helped to create unique blog contents in no time.

Here is a list of the 5 key points, which you need to pay attention to in order to improve your writing skills. Get yourself recognized into a thought leader through your blog and by offering readable and appealing contents.

#1. Work on Your Basics

Brush Up Basic Skills

You should work on your basics for the creative and resourceful blog contents. It doesn’t mean that you are advised to get yourself enrolled into any esteemed college. Working on the basics means you need to open your high school grammar and look at sentence formation part to get an overview of what you might be missing out in the language part. In addition, you should also go through the University’s Grammar Study Guides for effective and creative writing techniques especially for the following:

  • Sentence formation
  • Using paragraphs
  • Using Colons and Semi-Colons
  • Using Apostrophes
  • Using Hyphens and Commas

#2. Write with 100% Concentration

Don’t get distracted while you are writing something. You should always remain completely focused on the ideas being expressed. If you get distracted while in the middle of the writing, then chances are high that you would be seriously damaging the quality and freshness of your content. You can easily avoid major distractions by keeping your phone on the silent mode and disable all notifications on your computer.

By saving yourself from such distractions, you will not only remain more organized, but also create high quality contents and thus improve writing and editing skills.

#3. Use Simple and Easy to Understand English

Having a strong vocabulary is important to emerge into a successful writer. You should though remain cautious while writing content for your blogs. Understand your audience first. The majority readers are those who are indeed laymen so they won’t open a dictionary to read your blog. And thus, your bounce rate will increase.

Using simple and easy to understand English would not only help you let your audiences go through the content, but also increase the chances of getting more conversions.

#4. Reading Improves Your Thinking Ability

Reading Improves Writing Skills

To improve blog writing skills, you need to read as much as possible. Reading is not only beneficial for your mental health but also improves your imagination skills. In addition, with constant reading you will learn various styles and methods of writing contents. You also become able to uncover multiple new ideas which would otherwise have never been thought earlier.

#5. Get Your Stuff Edited

When a writer writes, there are possibilities that he/she might leave some of the major or minor grammatical or factual errors. Therefore, it is advised to get your stuffs edited by the seniors. To get your editing work done, you can consult your seniors or friends. You may even consider hiring a professional to edit your posts. This little effort will help you a lot in the long run.


Learning is a never ending process. You must continue keep learning to improve your writing and editing skills. Above points are also very helpful to improve your writing skills, which certainly supports you improve the ranking of your blog and to decrease the bounce rate.

Professionally and SEO complaint blogs get ranked easily in the search engines. They thus receive lots of traffic. You can convert that traffic into sales easily. This is how you are being recognized sooner or later.

Outsourcing Indian Medical Writing Services: Unique & Cost Effective Idea

Whether you own a pharmaceutical, biotechnology or life sciences company or you are a specialist with expertise in the above mentioned areas of specialization, you seek best and accurate medically approved contents on regular intervals to cater to the online and offline activity needs. Writing medically approved contents isn’t a child’s play. You must consider outsourcing such special contents to professional writing agencies to obtain quality contents.

medical writing services India

Hiring a team of in-house medical writers with flair for creative writing is not always as easy as it might appear. Medical content outsourcing has remains most popular business strategy in various industries for decades. They are much in demand in the multiple associated industries including those from the pharmaceutical fields. Such cautious steps are mandatory in order to focus on the highest standards of readability to simplicity in scientific and medical information shared, and to be easily channelized to all and sundry.

Professional medical writers are abreast of the latest SEO industry trends and healthcare professionals. They can always apply such expertise to create contents according to individual needs and their suitability. Well aware of the art and science of communication for effective delivery of right information to potential audiences in a proper package, such highly skilled professionals offer services which are always worth usable.

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical & Healthcare Writing Services

medical writers india

Technically Correct Data

Healthcare companies and corporate hospitals often hire medical & healthcare writing service providing companies because agencies own the strong team of their highly talented and experienced writers who have actually studied medical sciences. Research scholars to even doctors are involved to write and supervise the contents whether they are medically approved to be made public for the awareness purpose.

Security is given due importance via signing non-disclosure agreements with all the staffs concerned for further clarity. Such medical writing organizations maintain the multiple levels of systems while IT security ensure that all sensitive information is not leaked and thorough accountability is maintained.

Reducing the Monthly Payroll Costs

Hire a medical & healthcare writing service provider company as an outsource partner rather than owning a team of own medical writers. It will prove helpful for you to save the regular monthly payroll costs and other miscellaneous workforce expenses which you would have to possibly incur by recruiting regular employees. Such companies thoroughly evaluate your work needs to start delivering projects in part. They avoid all miscommunication to present the required output.

Get SEO Compliant Contents

You must go for the SEO complaint contents if there is a need for medical contents. Many popular content agencies create such contents as part of their writing services as overall support for respective websites to rank high on popular search engines. Such elaborate planning through customized contents proves helpful to rank easily on search engines and to persuade the visitors to convert into customers. In fact, medical writers associated with reputed companies are provided with SEO content writing trainings prior to involving in such roles. Once they understand the Google search algorithms they are assigned the projects accordingly.

Get Your Work Volume Managed Smoothly

Healthcare and hospital content writing companies recruit talented and professional in-house writers to manage large work volumes. As they are usually not dependent on one particular company for the assignments their team remains well prepared to cater to the needs of managing the large work volumes. All you need to discuss is work volume and deadline set to let them plan that to offer the services thereafter. The agencies or companies would ensure finishing projects on or before deadline fixed to maintain their credibility and customer satisfaction.

Fulfilling Short Deadlines

Most often pharmaceutical or healthcare organizations look for the parties who can prepare for them medical communication services at the shortest notice period. The only respite to fulfill such need is to outsource medical communication agencies to fulfill such requirements in professional manner. It proves better option than relying on an in-house healthcare writer, proofreader or even an editor.

Hiring a Medical Writing Service Company in India

Medical Writing Service Company in India

Have you ever thought why people or organizations outsource their medical content writing services to India? As a hub of this sector and apart from the availability of plenty of qualified writers, this region is known to offer economical rates as well. Companies hire medical writers after checking their write ups and seeing past work.

Furthermore, Indian government too promotes outsourcing industry so there are not too much levying of taxes or other charges. Indian companies thus avail the benefit of owning professionally trained writers to ensure they give best qualities. The medical writing teams work closely with leading physicians across the country.

Services of Medical Wiring Companies in India


• Protocols
• Investigators Brochure
• Clinical Study Report
• Patient Documents like Informed Consent Forms


• Articles
• Web Contents
• Copywriting
• Blogs
• Press Releases
• Manuscripts
• Case Studies
• Conference Abstracts


It is advisable to search a medical writing company for the medical writing services. You are ascertained to receive medically approved contents if you believe in such strategies. SEO content development or website content service is entirely different from medical content development.

This is the main reason that most pharma & biotech organizations, healthcare companies, drug agencies and online & offline hospitals seek to obtain quality write-ups. They get unbiased medical writing in a cost-effective rate from the Indian subcontinent. The only need is how tactfully and sincerely you explore writing agencies or companies to fulfill your special medical writing needs.

5 Must Know Causal Relations Between Social Media & Online Businesses

Social media has spread everywhere like a wildfire. Its easy reachability to hundreds of thousands of users in one go makes it smart medium but equally vulnerable source to create impromptu scenarios for that nobody is prepared.

Such reasons are the ones that turn major and minor social media forums like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube and et al integral parts of the business plans today. They turn into important workable strategies for an overall business success.

social media online business

Here we enlist five most incredible things about Social Media and its causal relation with the online business which you can’t ignore:

1. Faster accessibility by all & sundry: Whether working on the small online business plans or for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as part of a focused and highly integrated business strategy; social media is a notable tool for them all. It is used in multiple ways to ascertain easy and fast reach to the target group. You hardly take any time to spread information even in remotest of places through social media channels.

2. No investment for direct reach to potential customers:

social media marketing customers

Although you have direct reach to approach to potential customers through the social media platforms, hardly do you invest anything for this purpose. Social links boost your business or in the worse cases go unnoticed if fail to impress the potential visitors. You are gladdened in the previous case of enjoying free publicity. If it goes unlike your expectations, you don’t feel disheartened because hardly did you invest anything for it.

3. Increasing Popularity: Through likes, shares and comments of posts in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and even YouTube et al to promote your website you avail people’s assurance for the free credibility. While you rank due to that your business gains popularity in no time. It is true that the authority or credibility of social account might not leave bigger impact for search ranking but they are great sources to attain popularity through back-links to rest easy tools.

4. Effective Social Media Profiling:

social media marketing profiles

Individuals and online business can create effective social media profiles that actually work. If you are able to do that professionally and maintain that then it can leave greater impact through ranking high in search engines. This is how you always get noticed. There are chances of you becoming a celebrity for the scholarly thoughts of yours expressed or the genuineness of business planned for presenting authenticity. The efforts to develop the profile have direct connection with success or failure.

5. Effective Business Campaigning: Undoubtedly, social networking connectivity with the visitors from around the world starts taking you closer to known and unknown people. While you are active there as a business owner offering the products or services to everybody, you somehow become a personalized solution provider. Customization becomes easy for you as you are in a position to grasp the customer needs. This is how you attain success to go for an effective business campaigning to impress everybody.


Social Media channels have been attaining popularity in all societies these days. It all depends on how effectively they are being used for business strategies. They offer you endless benefits besides the five vital connections they have with the business success as discussed above.

You simply need to be a smart social media user to turn that into an ultimate source of enjoying credible success today through various social media marketing resources. It had hardly been imagined mere a decade ago. Today, you are in the position to develop a charisma due to effective social media platforms. They greatly boost the online businesses.

Create Quality Product Descriptions Which Actually Support SEO

It’s a common phenomenon nowadays that individuals and corporates prefer online shopping to fulfill their needs. They do it with sole aim to save time and resources. In many cases, visits to physical stores to buy the stuffs have literally become the matter of the past now. It has happened because online shopping makes it easier for the buyers to obtain products’ descriptions for maximum comparison of numerous stores in one go. Potential buyers go through these descriptions and thus come to know if features mentioned their actually suit to them to initiate shopping.

product descriptions India

In a laymen’s language, product descriptions are the final says about products. As highly persuasive descriptions about products, they express the multidimensional elements about them. Website visitors mandatorily go through such information to judge that keenly whether to decide buying that product or look for alternate options.

What is product description?

Product descriptions can be defined as the elaborate written information about the products but in brief to be easily read by the potential buyers. In descriptions, writers highlight the key features of the products in order to increase their sales. A potential buyer goes through such descriptions before making the buying decision.

How to create quality product descriptions which can support SEO?

  • Create unique and fresh product content

Contents play pivotal role to invite Google Crawler to crawl pages. That is why one must create fresh and unique product content for the said purpose. It not only coaxes the readers to make their buying decisions but also improves page ranking. Keep length of your content between 200 to 300 words and always use bullets whenever possible.

  • Incorporate keywords

Writing content is not enough. What makes important is writing SEO friendly contents to leave greater impact. One of the basic elements of writing SEO friendly content is to incorporate the keywords tactfully. Try to use long-tail keywords, which rank easily on the search engines.

  • Allow visitors to write reviews

product descriptions

Let others write good contents for you—in the form of their objective reviews which describe their heart and emotions. If your products or services are of high quality and ensure customer friendly services, your clients would definitely express their mind. You are bound to receive their sincerest and positive reviews. Such impromptu but crème de la crème expressions define attributes to turn future visitors into loyal customer. Allow product reviews on your pages but carefully monitor all posted contents for spam through having a keen eye on what is going one.

With an increasing content, chances are high for you to have ranking improvements which therefore bring manifold benefits.

  • Create keyword stuffed Meta description and title

Meta descriptions and titles play crucial role in ranking the pages in search engines, provided they maintain extensive keyword stuffed Meta and Description. If you have a team of novice writers then, consider hiring professional SEO copywriting service firms for this purpose. Professional writers can create unique and easy to rank Meta and Descriptions to help you come into the limelight.

  • Optimize images

Don’t just copy and paste an image. Always optimize images before you publish them. They help you increase your websites’ ranking and sales thereafter. You can surf the selected ones out of the countless genuine sites that make the images available free of cost. You can select some to use in your website.


While writing product descriptions, you must keep in consideration SEO parameters of a particular page. Undoubtedly, product descriptions improve rankings but a well- planned and carefully crafted one becomes part of a strategy to support SEO tactics. They help you rank the pages immediately.

Several reputed companies operate in the market to offer meticulous product description writing services. Only selected ones amongst them though are good enough to prepare SEO optimized and readable content at pocket friendly budget. Search a few companies before settling down with one to finalize your deal. Online search proves helpful to find a dedicated content partner who can fulfill your need.

The exact Diversity between SEO and SEM

Many internet marketers are mixed up in the context of the used terms of the experts. The two terms SEO and SEM are often confused with each other, so you need to elucidate the diversities between the two diverse terms in regard to their meaning and the way they can enhance the performance of your website.


Search Engine Optimization

This refers to everything done towards making your website look more attractive for search engines. It can be the attainment of the right keyword density, creation and updating relevant content and attainment of backlinks with anchor texts that include your access word. Both on site and off site techniques are around, and they can be efficient once keyword optimization and link building has begun to kick in, but the establishment of an SEO operation is a process that is quite lengthy and is requisite of proficient SEO investigation prior to the obvious outcomes.

SEO Activities in Brief:

Online SEO Activities:

  • Restoration of Website Content
  • Making it look and feel appealing

Offline SEO Activities:

  • Content Inscription
  • Content Deference
  • Press Release Inscription and Submission
  • Blogging
  • Link Swapping
  • Forum Placing
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Classified Ads

SEO Advantages

  • Cost Effective: SEO is not inclusive of disbursement for click/visitors you obtain implying that you can avail boons of being on top sans needing to disburse for the same that is inclusive of long term boons, requisite oflowerongoing maintenance fees and is best for the marketers on budget. The only outlays would be hiring proficient SEO services from a reputed SEO firm that is quite less in comparison to paid ads.
  • Faith: Organic SEO listings are a trusted information source, believed to be wholly indexed and unbiased by the third party’s programmed method.
  • Ongoing: Results are brought in by the SEO techniques that are long lasting and benefitting to the user for years to come.

Search Engine Marketing

This refers to an umbrella phase that is not inclusive of all those activities done by a website owner or SEO expert towards attainment of higher rankings. Not only it is inclusive of SEO, but even other methods like link building campaigns, give-and-take linking and website registration in diverse directories and websites. In short, SEO forms the part of marketing policies. Also, it has the involvement of websites submission to search engines and purchase of featured listings on diverse sites. Methods have even been featured like purchase of advertising spots on other relevant websites, so that way the website’s SEO world can be encouraged.

SEM Activities in Brief

  1. First-rate content towards generation of links from social media
  2. Article Marketing
  3. Main Inductions of Search Engines:
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Site Compliance to Search Engines
  • Formation of AdWords account
  • Site Capitulation to Google Places

    4. Reporting:

  • Review of Progress
  • Competition Report Analysis
  • Server Log Data Analysis
  • E-commerce Deficiencies Diagnosis
  • Tracking of Conversation
  • Placement of Content
  • Optimization and Marketingon Social Media (SMO/SMM)

SEM Advantages

  • Quick Outcomes: Search engine marketing company in India combines techniques of Pay per Click and Search Engine Optimization thereby making it more appropriate for the marketers to attain immediate outcomes.
  • Target Market having Direct Access: Outright access is offered by professional search engine marketing services in India to the target customers as well as a prospect to balance operations and their assertive persuasion.
  • More Sales: In SEM, the sponsored promotions are known to attract more visitors to the site, thereby converting into more customers and higher sales.


There are many companies offering the services, you need to choose one suiting your requirement. Get in touch with many and get their quotations and other details, which will help you in finalizing a company for your requirements.

Sure Shot Ways to Increase Organic Traffic in 2017

To escalate your earnest desire to run a business successfully in 2017, you might be longing to increase the organic traffic, thus try hard to convert the relevant traffic into customers.

Several businesses and startups often shut down their operations within a years’ time frame due to their inability to generate traffic to increase the expected sales. Without increasing traffic, you can’t imagine to have a sales boost.

For an augmentation in organic traffic, you must take measures to increase website ranking. It would be possible with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) only which assures for overall help to rank pages in the search engines.

increase organic traffic in 2017

SEO is unique process to obtain traffic organically from the search engines. It doesn’t mean to create the search engine-friendly websites; it is indeed all about making websites effective for the visitors.

Rather than providing you theoretical ways to improve your site’s organic traffic, we have enlisted some ways that remain helpful to increase organic traffic of websites to the maximum extent possible.

Create New Content

Content improve organic traffic

One of the effective ways to increase organic traffic to your website is to increase number of pages on it. It is bound to rank on popular search engines through important long tail keywords and short tail keyword used in the pages. Apart from content pages, you should also add blog section for more credibility. It can be used to update the blogs regularly. By updating fresh contents, you can certainly improve the ranking of your website and thus organic traffic.

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Write Guest Posts

Write high quality and informative guest posts and get them published on the reputed websites. Guest blogs not only improve your search engine rankings but also bring organic traffic to websites. If such sites have your audience, you can usually get content onto their websites which help them generate traffic, and at the same juncture you get access to their new audiences as well.

Prioritize Keywords

Having a strong keyword strategy is vital to survive in this cutthroat competitive online market. It is thus mandatory to generate traffic to convert that into sales. You can use keyword planners to identify such keywords that rank easily. An added advantage is to consider longtail keywords for more intensification.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

mobile friendly website

In 2015, Google announced that mobile searches now exceed desktop or laptop searches on their search engines. Such sites are also ranked easily so get it done now. In addition, do not forget to check whether your website is fast loading or not. Users don’t have patience to wait for slow loading websites.

Check Good and Bad Links

Quality links always matter. You should check your backlinks. If you got them from the reputed and relevant sites, let them remain as it is. It will help you get traffic. On the other hand, you can improve your rankings in Google through removing and disavowing bad backlinks. High quality outbound links are always helpful for boosting up your search engine rankings.

Focus on Internal Linking System

internal linking SEO

The easiest way to create backlinks and to prepare informative and well researched articles and to get them posted is definitely through using the good internal linking system. By linking to the relevant posts written earlier, you certainly build quality links to use the anchor text preferred. Such links are valuable for SEO and so are they crucial to keep readers engaged to spend more time on your site.


It is a proven fact that ranking and organic traffic remains interdependent. Above mentioned tips are always helpful to increase organic traffic to websites. Hire professional SEO agency in India to accomplish each SEO tactics with total perfection. Increasing organic traffic is a time consuming process. When you follow above mentioned strategies, you definitely get rewarded by the search engines to fulfill your innate goal and thus come into global limelight.

Top 5 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Marketing concept has been changing drastically to suit to the diversified needs of the current era. It is impossible though to ignore social media marketing strategies today whose towering roles to lift the corporations can’t be ruled out. In fact, this marketing strategy is a big thing to believe in which promotes the products/services for greater rewards.

social media marketing

Here we mention top 5 benefits of the social media marketing strategies which entrepreneurs must assess: –

1. Brand recognition enhancement: While various social media platforms are already leaving greater impact in the lives of every individual, they can’t be ignored in the business promotions. It indeed remains fastest choice to build the reputation of all businesses.

Due to its easy reach to the common masses, it is an ultimate brand recognition enhancement solution without doing any type of extra effort. As new channel to brand’s voice or content promotion, it is an ultimate platform to increase the visibility of different corporations.

2. Smooth connectivity with the loyal customers: Social media marketing begins with this motive to have maximum accessibility to the existing as well as potential customers. While you are smoothly recognized by everybody you turn into familiar brand as recognizable choices by all and sundry.

social media marketing strategies

That is why large chunk of masses from around the world use various social media platforms. Your brand is smoothly connected with loyal customers in no time.

3. Maximum conversion of opportunities: Until some years ago, social media used to be a fun thing. With the changing perspectives now and the popularity of many such sites, they are used for multiple purposes, including for social media marketing avenues.

Such marketing strategies take most of the businesses to even remotest of places where conventional media would have its little reach. Thus, chances of conversion of maximum opportunities remain high.

With all social media posts, you indeed get noticed and avail the newer opportunities due to likes, comments and shares.

4. Personalized marketing avenue: Besides easy access and for financially viable platforms, social media marketing is equally noted due to personalized reaches to target customers. Every social media user feels as if the details shared are for them thus there remains higher conversion rates of customers from the social media likers.

Due to maximum interaction through the social media channels, everybody starts recognizing the brands for a greater value.

5. Greater website traffic: While social media accounts bring businesses very much close to the potential customers, an important factor which makes one feel revived is that ecommerce sites receive greater level of traffic from all nook and corner.

social media marketing benefits

As large chunk of people starts following the link pages and even start sharing or commenting one can observe direct effect in the form of the extensive traffic of sites to attain the newer success.


Social media is powerful enough to promote anything and everything like a wildfire. Using such tools as part of various social media strategies thus pave the way for new success story. They play greater roles to develop loyal fans besides offering thorough marketplace insights to assuring for generated leads. This is how your business receives a new boost without you doing any additional efforts.